How to Increase Efficiency & Streamline Your Business with Live Tracking

5 Clear-Cut Use Cases for Geopointe’s New Live Tracking Feature

Live Vehicle and Asset Tracking, is officially available with Geopointe, the premier geolocation solution for Salesforce! In just a couple weeks, our team will be at Dreamforce demonstrating how Live Vehicle and Asset Tracking works and how Salesforce users across a variety of industries can benefit. Luckily, you don’t need to be with us at Dreamforce to grasp what this groundbreaking tech has to offer.

To give you a quick glimpse at this brand-new feature, here are five use cases for Live Tracking:

1. Give Accurate ETAs

So often in business “ETAs” are predictions, subject to change based on the messenger, their knowledge and the assumption that no unforeseen setbacks will occur. After all, the long list of obstacles and mistakes that could potentially occur is practically impossible to equate. Enter Live Tracking. With the introduction of Live Tracking, businesses are able to adapt to unforeseen circumstances on the fly, provide assistance when setbacks occur and adapt to almost anything. The amount of time saved streamlining your business processes with accurate ETAs will not only save you headaches, it will boost your bottom-line!

2. View Daily Summaries, Reports and Dashboards 

The ability to keep your internal teams on the same page is critical to hiccup-free productivity. And, in today’s fast-paced work culture, finding a way to move faster and communicate more efficiently is integral. Live Tracking allows management to access daily summaries, trip details and check in & check out history to help them manage their team and operations. Whether it’s in transportation or manufacturing, Live Tracking can keep entire teams informed on-the-go for optimal efficiency. Additionally, users will have the ability to create custom Salesforce reports and dashboards to maintain a consistent pulse on their operations.

3. Optimize Work Orders with Location Data

For a long time, employee assignments needed to be drawn up days in advance to ensure there were no overlapping assignments. That type of pre-planning was once considered highly efficient and responsible, but Live Tracking is changing the narrative on how assignments are handed down. Now, businesses can identify the location of employees with specific skill-sets and assign work orders accordingly. Needless to say, the amount of time and money saved cutting down on travel time is sure to add up quickly.

4. Efficiently Track Your Most Valuable Assets

While Live Tracking has several use cases that are industry-specific, there’s one use case that is universally for all business models. Asset Tracking is one of the most dynamic use cases for Live Tracking due to its core functionality – the ability to track any company’s most valuable and usually expensive assets. Through Asset Tracking, whatever assets your company deems most valuable will be given an extra layer of safety and security with real-time tracking. Simply adhere a small device to industrial equipment, construction equipment, containers or any other expensive item you need to keep tabs on so you’ll always know exactly when and where they are located at all times.

5. Track Real-time Travel Data

The more data a company has, the more informed they are to tap into the operations of their business and make strategic decisions. With Live Tracking businesses can tap into 25 key data points such as total mileage, braking statistics and distance traveled. Whether you manage a fleet of vehicles or need to keep up with your field team, this vital data can be used to automate internal processes, improve efficiencies and save time.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Live Tracking is that we’ve only begun to scratch the surface. And, if there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that nothing promotes innovation like a customer with a challenging business need!

Important Note: Live Tracking is a premiere feature that is only available to Geopointe users. If you’re not a Geopointe user yet, please start your journey with us by taking advantage of our 15-day free trial

Looking into Live Tracking as a possible solution for your business? Learn everything you need to know about  Live Tracking in our webinar!

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