Geopointe for Sales.

Get geographic insights using geolocation within Salesforce to easily manage your territories and see more customers and prospects while spending less time entering data and pulling reports. Optimize sales activity and make sales routes more efficient to reduce cost and time, delivering the best solutions possible.

Plan Trips and Optimize Routes

Effortlessly plan a trip around a big meeting and quickly find nearby accounts, opportunities, and leads or partners to make your trip as productive and efficient as possible with Geopointe’s routing tool. Identify where your targets reside on the map, then use routing and optimization capabilities to create more targeted routes and visit more clients per day.

Check-in and Log Meeting Notes

Mobile users can use Geopointe to check-in and out of their stops while in the field, include any relevant notes while they are top of mind, saving time and improving accuracy of data. Management gains access to the real-time field activity and provide events to trigger new workflows.

Fill in Meeting Cancellations

Last minute cancellations happen, but, with Geopointe, you’re prepared! From the Salesforce mobile app you can locate other Accounts nearby and fill in those last minute cancellations. Increase field sales productivity with the ability to take action while in the field.

Transform your data into actionable insights.