3 Simple Ways Sales Teams Can Get Back on Track with Geolocation

The first quarter of the fiscal year doesn’t always perform as well as some would hope, or even expect. Yes, it’s a fresh start and new beginnings often breathe life into any sales team. But Q1 does have its own unique set of challenges.

Because of this, many companies are looking for ways to turn up the heat as we enter Q2. You want the results that come from high volume selling activities — who doesn’t? One method of getting back on track in Q2 that shouldn’t be overlooked is leaning on the power of sales mapping with geolocation solutions like Geopointe.

Geolocation clarifies your next move. Powerful CRM data visualization relying on geography enables sales teams to know exactly what they should be doing at all times to yield the highest results. 

There are many ways to use geolocation in sales, but we’re sharing three simple use cases to develop high-performing sales teams.

Hyper-Focus Your Prospecting Efforts

Having a clear picture of what you need to do and who you need to be going after is all about narrowing your focus. This is accomplished by using the information you already have and simply looking at it in a different way. And, let’s face it, you have a mountain of data. 

Unlike relying on the limitations in place by spreadsheets, you can better target your prospecting with Geopointe by using a variety of data visualization tools to guide you. 

Heat maps, for example, are one way to figure out exactly what, who, and where you should be focusing the bulk of your prospecting. Using heat maps, you can see with your own eyes on a map where the majority of your opportunities are coming from. 

This can be done in a way that puts emphasis on the locations/territories, industries, or even lead sources that are performing the best. Identifying those clusters gives you instant understanding of where you should be focusing your efforts, especially if you’re trying to find areas with the highest potential for growth.

In a similar way, Geopointe’s Thematic Maps can help solidify your next move. With just a few clicks, you can visualize your data using geographic boundaries based on the criteria that’s most important to your business —like ARR, record count, or other important numeric values. 

Uncovering trends and hidden insights is only possible with some form of visualization, and Geopointe’s geographic perspective adds the context needed to better structure your prospecting efforts.

Get Ahead of the Competition

​​With the ever-changing business landscape, companies are always looking for ways to stay ahead of their competition. This rings especially true as we talk about getting back on track. No matter the situation, knowing what other businesses are up to is a tricky task to execute, but it’s made simple with geolocation. 

Using Geopointe, you can map out where your competitors are located. From there, you can check all of your open opportunities as well as at-risk accounts in those same areas. This visualization helps you determine if you should be worried about a competitor going after your prospects or customers.

Knowledge is power and, in this case, determining the locations of potential weak spots allows you to come up with a plan of attack to keep your customers (and hard work) safe from the competition. 

Competitor data compiled in this way can also be incorporated into your next sales pitch. If your team is going after companies that are frequently in competition with each other, be sure to use that to your advantage — especially if you’re looking for all the different ways to boost your numbers this quarter.

You can do this by mapping out your prospect’s competitors who are your existing customers. Use that information to tell a prospect that their rival has already begun using what you offer. 

Not only is this a powerful sales tool, but it also shows your prospects that you are committed to their success. With commitment comes loyal customers, and with loyal customers comes a large backlog of sales.

Organize Site Visits

With business activities returned to relative normalcy, your strategy for getting back on track might include more in-person visits to customers and prospects. Showing up in the flesh has always been a powerful sales technique, and it’s one that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

With geolocation technology, you can optimize travel plans based on the accounts you plan to visit. Geopointe can help inform you of exactly who you need to meet with (accounts you haven’t connected with in a while, for example) and you can build out a plan.

With those accounts picked out, your route is optimized for efficiency with the click of a button so no prospect or customer falls through the cracks and none of your time is wasted. The route can be managed and changed on the fly if a certain person needs to be visited at a specific time of day or if someone cancels at the last minute. 

Geopointe then does the heavy lifting once again by optimizing your route for efficiency. The route can be managed and changed on the fly if certain accounts need to be visited at a specific time of day. 

Once you are confident that your travel plans are buttoned up — and with Geopointe you will be confident — you can then start to get organized. With robust mobile capabilities, you can check in and out of your activities in the field and take down notes while they are still top of mind. This ensures you can remember all the important information later on and improve the accuracy of your data. 

The fastest way to get back on track is by getting organized, after all.

Here’s to a Stellar Q2

There are, of course, many ways to get back on track and boost sales numbers as the quarter progresses. With geolocation, all of those ways are made infinitely more simple and attainable since everything is done from a visual perspective and stored all in one place.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Geopointe can help your team, we are always ready to connect.