How Geopointe Helps You Build Sales Pipeline

building sales pipeline with geolocation

Sales teams are always looking to increase the sales pipeline more efficiently and effectively – it never stops. The goal is to always “do more, better.” You have quotas to hit for the quarter and only so much time in a day. But you aren’t sure where to start.

You could strike up a cold calling campaign, blindly reaching out to every number in your CRM and asking to speak to “the person in charge of X.” This might net you a few more (unqualified) prospects than you had at the beginning of the day.

Imagine you took a more focused approach instead, using the solutions available to your team to get actionable insights into who to target. Rather than throwing stuff at the wall and hoping something sticks, you narrowed down your potential prospect pool to those who fit your ideal customer profile and used an automated solution to reach out to them. How many hours do you think this would save – and how much more success do you think you’d have?

You need to be able to ensure you are going after the right prospects and leads in order to get the most bang for your buck and avoid wasting precious time and energy. In essence, you need to work smarter, not harder. So why not use solutions (like Geopointe) that are designed to speed up your outreach and ensure you’re targeting the right people?

Geopointe has multiple features that will help you build call lists, surface insights, and enable you to take focused action.

building sales pipeline, geolocation search

Geographic Search & Analysis

Build call lists with our geographic search feature that allows you to search any and all data in Salesforce.

Geopointe can locate any of your Salesforce data anywhere in the world. Search capabilities include anything from a view of all Accounts clustered by concentrations to a more localized search for leads and prospects. You’ll get the big picture with advanced visualization and filtering capabilities that help you identify trends and patterns in your Salesforce data you never knew existed.

Multiple search types and filtering options make your results tell a story instantly. Searches can be performed nearby a particular point or line, within the boundaries of a shape, or over a broader area. Your filtering options are easily accessible, like Salesforce users would expect from a list view, but with the complex possibilities of a report (without the complexities of creating a report).

The map adds that extra dimension a list view or report cannot: a geographic understanding of where your records are and how they relate to each other in proximity.

Heat Mapping

With Geopointe’s heat mapping capability, precious insights are immediately visible. This form of data visualization avoids the painful task of sifting through thousands of rows in a Salesforce report, instead showing a color-coded picture of that data on a map.

Easily find concentrations of viable prospects and leads based on record count or any numeric field values you include with your mapped data. Make insightful decisions at a glance with color-coded heat maps that tell you where data concentrations exist.

View heat maps based on total record count or a field such as Opportunity size, annual revenue, or employee count. This allows you to filter to potential targets that best fit your ideal customer profile. You can even layer your heat map with other data to get insight about gaps, trends or ideal target locations for campaigns or other outreach.

Complex Filtering

Take focused action with Geopointe’s complex filtering capabilities.

Cross-object filters add depth to your data analysis by mapping Salesforce records based on their relationship with other objects. For example, you can filter to include Accounts with Opportunities so you only see Accounts that have Opportunities associated with them.

building sales pipeline with complex filtering

To help with pipeline, try filtering your data sets by activities. Look for contacts at lapsed Accounts that haven’t had any activity recorded in the last quarter, and start here.

Alternatively, if you’re a sales manager, you can use Geopointe’s advanced filtering capabilities to check on the health of your team’s pipeline. Simply filter to show only open Opportunities of a certain forecast and close date window, ensuring only the most relevant data is on the map to be analyzed.

Next Steps for Reaching Quality Prospects

From here, you can use Geopointe’s “Add to Campaign” button to set up an email send that goes out to the prospects you’ve identified as most promising. Work with your marketing team to whip up an email and reach hundreds or even thousands of prospects all around the world with very little grunt work on your part.

This is a much more efficient way to build your pipeline than a “spray and pray” cold calling spree. The prospects and leads you focus on are of a higher quality for your business based upon your ideal customer profile as established by your team. The better these prospects fit your criteria, the more likely they are to become customers.

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