How Geopointe Helps with Your 2023 Planning

How to Use Geopointe to Plan 2023

2022. What a year, right? Many companies have undergone major changes and have experienced waves of uncertainty. Next year can, and will, be different with the right tools in place. You want to make sure of that.

The good news is that having a powerful tech stack can not only ensure a stellar year of performance, but also guarantee that a large portion of the heavy lifting is done for you in the planning stages.

It all begins with Geopointe. Strategizing the new year — and beyond — has never been easier to execute and easier to understand. Relying on geographic insights from a visual perspective, Geopointe is here to help you get your 2023 plan in tip-top shape.  

Better Understand your Customers and Targets

When it comes to planning for 2023, you must first begin by reevaluating 2022. Think back to how your organization adapted throughout the year of unexpected hurdles — like needing to adjust resources, headcount, etc. 

Circumstances might be shifting as you head into the new year, but Geopointe will help you do more with the data you already have. And, in turn, you can better understand your customers. 

Heat maps are a powerful tool to visualize your data in order to gain insights and recognize trends. With heat mapping, you are able to see where a majority of your opportunities are coming from. That information reveals which locations/territories, industries, or even lead sources are performing best. From there, you will know where to target your efforts.

heat mapping

Similarly, thematic maps offer a way to further understand your plan of attack. By using thematic maps, it’s much easier to visualize geographic boundaries based on numeric values like ARR, record count, etc. Sure, you can sift through lists longer than the Dead Sea Scrolls, but it’s a lot easier to put it all on the map. 

Additional data visualization techniques with Geopointe to aid in 2023 planning can include things such as:

  • Layers: a variety of external layer types to enhance your data to uncover even more insights into your new and/or existing customers as well as prospects. 
  • CSV Imports: have additional data points you want to view, but don’t have the time to add all of them into Salesforce? Upload additional data directly to the map. 
  • Geographic Searching & Analysis: Consider what matters most to your organization and begin there.

At the end of the day, planning for a successful new year is all about looking at your data in a different way. And there’s no better way than visualization — the science is actually on our side with this one.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

It’s not always easy to keep up with competitors, but it’s not impossible. In fact, the power of geoanalytics software can help. 

Using Geopointe, you can map out your competitors’ locations. From that visual perspective, you can then display your open opportunities or at-risk accounts to determine whether or not you should worry about the competition in those areas.

If the data reveals a startling trend, you will be able to devise a plan that removes the fear. That plan could involve more targeted training sessions with your sales and customer service teams, for example. Regardless, knowing is the first step, and Geopointe gives you that knowledge. 

Competitive strategies should never be overlooked when it comes to planning for the new year, especially when we’re coming off of a year with great uncertainty.

Plan and Manage your Sales Territories

Over the summer, Ascent Cloud launched a brand new product. Territory Planner makes it easier to build, balance, and optimize your sales territories, and it seamlessly integrates with Geopointe for a holistic territory planning and management strategy. 

Territory Planner — and even Geopointe — enables you to design the right territories to fit your unique needs in the coming year. You can build and optimize based on what’s most important to you — whether that’s ARR, total number of accounts, etc — all from the map. 

The fun truly begins with automatically distributing assignments to your teams inside of Geopointe. Accounts, leads, opportunities, and more are assigned to the specified owner of your beautifully crafted territories. 

Once you’ve put in the work to plan and prepare for 2023 using Geopointe and Territory Planner, you’ll be ready for whatever the year brings. And the best part? No matter what 2023 throws your way, both Geopointe and Territory Planner are endlessly useful in analyzing and making adjustments on the fly as needed.

Go Forth and Plan

This past year brought so many challenges, and, in an ideal world, 2023 would be a breeze with bountiful success. Although we can’t control everything, we certainly can make sure we have a solid plan in place. 

That plan, of course, should be flexible and backed by data. With Geopointe, anything is possible.

Contact our team today to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success in the new year and beyond.