Unlock the where in your data.

Improve Routing


Planning a business trip can be stressful, especially when you have lots of customers to visit. Features like Calendar-Based Scheduling, Routing and Nearby Search help you plan out your journey for maximum efficiency.

Intelligently Manage Territories


Having trouble managing sales territories and ensuring they’re equitable for all reps? See how features such as Shape Editor and Automated Assignment can help you intelligently map out your territories and grow revenue.

Efficiently Visualize Spreadsheet Data


The amount of data housed within a sales spreadsheet can be overwhelming and difficult to interpret. Ditch the rows of black and white data and use features such as Thematic Mapping or Heat Mapping to paint a picture of your data.

actionable data maps

Actionable Data

Actions like exporting, adding to a campaign and creating leads from the map are built-in and it’s easy to create your own to launch custom processes…

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perform geographic searching & analysis on any Salesforce data anywhere in the world

Geographic Search & Analysis

Locate any Salesforce data, anywhere in the world. Perform searches & get the big picture using advanced visualization & filtering…

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Territory management shape editor adjust multiple shapes

Shape Editor

Visually build territories using the Geopointe Shape Library, then use geographic insight to fine-tune and manage…

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Calendar-Based Scheduling

Manage any user’s schedule with geographic insight using Geopointe’s dynamic Calendar-Based Scheduling interface…

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Routing & Optimization

Plan, build and execute your travel plans in Geopointe. Routes can be built from any mappable data (Salesforce, Google or any address)…

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Salesforce Mobile Ready

Geopointe runs right inside the Salesforce mobile app so you can maximize your time in the field, access routes, check in/out of loca…

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Visual Shape Editor

Geopointe includes a powerful visual editor to create shapes from predefined boundaries (e.g. states, zip codes, school…

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CSV Layers

Import CSV files directly to the Geopointe Map, without the need for the standard Salesforce import method. You can save these files as new layers…

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Heat Mapping

Visualize a heat map of numeric concentrations based on record count or any numeric field values you include with…

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Check In & Out

Mobile users can check in and out of their stops while in the field, confirming their location and logging information about…

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Automated Assignment

Distribute Leads or manage territory assignments with Geopointe’s Automated Assignments feature. Start by creating…

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Geocoded Data

Geopointe will geocode your data using Google’s geocoding technology in order to make it available for mapping. Google’s…

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Geopointe Shape Library

Geopointe provides a rich set of boundary data to use for searching, managing territories and coordinating location-…

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Google Places

Looking to map data that isn’t in Salesforce? No problem! Use the Places Search to find businesses and landmarks…

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Thematic Maps

Thematic Maps help you see the big picture. They allow you to rollup a metric for any given data set and group those…

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Demographics Layers

Pair your Salesforce results with US Census data to gain relative insight on metrics like household income, age, race, …

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Marker Customization

The map markers in Geopointe are customizable. They can be individually configured or be driven off of data fields…

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Mass Update

Perform mass updates of your Salesforce data with the Update Field action. This action lets you update a field to a specified…

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Custom Map Styles

Customize the style of the base Google map to highlight different features or make your map stand out. For example, …

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KML Layers

Add external data layers to the map with a click. Geopointe supports KML, KMZ and GeoRSS files, so you can overlay…

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Lightning Ready

Geopointe supports the Salesforce Lightning Experience with Lightning Components but is also still accessible through the Classic inter…

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Change Owner

Managing record ownership in Salesforce the traditional way can be challenging, but Geopointe makes it easy. With the Change

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Create Record

Create Salesforce records from any record, address or place on the map. Leverage the location and other available…

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Complex Filtering

Cross-object filters add another dimension to your data by mapping records based on their relationship with other objects…

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Inline Editing

Update record fields right from the map. Geopointe honors Salesforce permissions and lets users update records on the fly, …

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Add to Campaign

Add your mapped results to a marketing Campaign. Great for account based, targeted, and email marketing. No matter…

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Mobile Preferences

When using Geopointe in Salesforce mobile, users may now choose their preferred navigation app, Waze, Google…

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Sometimes you need more than a map to see a picture of your data. With Geopointe’s interactive charts, you can do…

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Numeric Aggregates

Get instant, dynamic metrics for any Currency, Number, or Percentage fields in your data set searches. See the overall …

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Mapped results can be exported to CSV or KML file types using built-in actions. The CSV export allows you to manipulate your …

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Apex API

Allow your developers to harness the power of Geopointe within their Apex code. The Geopoint API Apex Class…

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URL Parameters

Geopointe can be instructed to perform various tasks through creative use of URL parameters when loading the Geopointe …

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