Geopointe for Marketing.

Visualize where your customers, prospects, and accounts are located and build campaigns to target them using geolocation within Salesforce. From one neighborhood to another, companies, their industry and their annual revenue can vary significantly. Find the right venue for field marketing events, geographically target prospects and customers near conferences, and analyze campaign results using your Salesforce data enhanced with geographic insights with Geopointe.

Targeted Campaigns

Identifying your target market and drafting custom messaging has never been easier. Create targeted campaigns, filtering your results by industry, size, title, location and any custom field to create messaging for a group of any size. Go a step further and add your group to a Salesforce Campaign with the click of a button.

Event Venue Selection

Select the best venue for an event by searching within a geographic radius for customers with specific criteria. Use the insight to make a selection based on relevant customer density and geographic location. Prepare for trade shows by reaching out to contacts located near an upcoming event, then personalize and segment your promotional content geographically.


Campaign Results Analysis

Rethink how you use campaign data to strategize your next move. With Geopointe you can geographically layer data such as trade show leads, opportunities opened, company size and industry to gain ROI-driving geographic insights you could never gather before.

Transform your data into actionable insights.