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Geopointe Mobile

General FAQs

Can you create geographical areas by drawing them on a map or using pre-existing shapes or areas?

Geopointe allows end users to draw their own shapes directly on the map; the application also includes an extensive library of predefined geographic boundaries.
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Does the Geopointe mapping application work outside of North America?

Absolutely! Geopointe can search your Salesforce data anywhere in the world.

Can you input latitude and longitude fields for a search?

By default, Geopointe generates coordinates for each record by geo-coding the address. If you already have latitude and longitude data that would be more useful to you than an address, Geopointe can be configured to use your provided latitude and longitude coordinates instead of automatically generating coordinates.
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Can you export maps to other file formats?

Geopointe supports the export of your map results to a CSV. It also supports KML export which will open mapped locations in Google Earth.
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Is it possible to add points of interest such as hotels, gas stations and landmarks to the map? If so, can the address be added to Salesforce?

Geopointe’s Places Search allows users to find businesses and locations on the map that are not in their Salesforce database. This allows those locations to be used in a route or saved as a personal location. Unfortunately, Google’s licensing agreement does not allow data from their service to be automatically added to your Salesforce database.
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Can end-users set their own marker colors and preferences or does the admin set preferences for everyone?

Markers are highly customizable for your data sets. Only admins can adjust markers on global data sets, but end users can create their own or clone a global data set to customize the pins visually to their needs. Markers can be customized in a number of different ways.
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How many destinations can one route contain?

Geopointe can route up to 100 stops per route.
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Administrator FAQs

Is it possible to automatically assign leads or accounts to users depending on their geographical areas?

Records of any type can be assigned by geographic area using the Assignment Plans feature. Changing ownership of a record based on geographic assignment can be accomplished via a simple trigger.
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Can the administrator setup user permission levels for end-users?

During the setup process, Geopointe will assign “Geopointe Base Permissions” which will give your Geopointe users the necessary permissions for accessing all of the non-admin features. The Geopointe Administrator can customize each user’s permission set.
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How can I tell if employees are using the Geopointe application?

Your system has been collecting usage information stored in a custom object called Geopointe User Usage. It documents a user’s last access to Geopointe and the context (e.g. Map Tab, Salesforce mobile, etc). To see this data, you can create a report based on the Geopointe User Usages Report Type.
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Can I map one object to multiple addresses? My contacts have an office address and a home address. I want to map these records at the office address if one exists, and otherwise map them at the home address if the contact does not have an office address. Is this possible?

While each object can only be mapped to a single address, you can easily accommodate this scenario by creating formula fields which are populated with address data based on your specific rules. Then configure your object to use the formula fields for mapping.


Geopointe Mobile FAQs


How does the Geopointe application run on mobile devices while on the road?

Users can access Geopointe natively on the Salesforce mobile app, providing access to the maps and Salesforce data while on the road or away from their computer. Users can also use the Salesforce app for a standalone experience. When using directions on iOS, Google Maps will launch; on Android, you will be prompted to choose a navigation app.
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Does the Google maps application need to be installed on your mobile device in order to use the Geopointe application on your phone or tablet?

For IOS devices, Google Maps will also need to be installed on your device. For Android devices, you will be prompted to select a navigation app.

Can Geopointe tell me where my field employees are spending their time?

Geopointe includes a Check-in feature that allows users to quickly capture their location and even log notes directly in Salesforce.
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Does the Salesforce Mobile App work in a Sandbox environment?

Geopointe can be installed in a Sandbox or Production environment and works with Salesforce mobile in either environment.


Subscription & Licensing FAQs

My Geopointe license has expired. How do I renew it?

To renew your expired license, visit the checkout page. To renew licenses prior to expiration you can visit the checkout page or click the “Buy Licenses” button on the Geopointe Setup page within the application.

Can I add or remove licenses after I’ve completed our purchase?

Yes. To add additional licenses, click the Buy Licenses button on the Geopointe Setup page within the application. You can also visit the checkout page on our website which can process annual and monthly subscription renewals. Licenses can only be removed during renewal periods.

Is there a minimum number of licenses we have to purchase?

There is a 3 license minimum for Geopointe. To purchase your Geopointe licenses visit the checkout page. For month to month purchases, please contact us to process your order.


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