Geopointe for Operations.

Reveal business insights and visualize your Salesforce data using geolocation with Geopointe. Design territories for optimal coverage, streamline updates with mass edits within the map and even automate assignments and actions based upon geography.

Geographic Searching & Analysis

Geopointe’s geographic searching and analysis provides users with the ability to evaluate data geographically using advanced filtering capabilities. The map adds an extra dimension a list view or report cannot: a geographic understanding of where your records are and how they relate to each other in proximity.

You can easily search the map for regions with low penetration, prospects with no activity in the past month, or even sales opportunities that have gone dark.

Territory Management

With Geopointe, you have the ability to easily design, analyze and reassign territories in order to distribute sales leads, service cases, or other location-related data. Gain the ability to quickly update account ownership, identify geographic concentrations of open or closed opportunities (or cases), and analyze whether your territories are balanced properly using assignment plans.

Mass Update Records

Simplify the process required to update fields to multiple records with mass updates. Leave behind the hassle of exporting and reimporting data into Salesforce and gain the ability to update a field to a specified value for many records at once, whether they are contained within a shape on the map or selected from the list of mapped records.

Transform your data into actionable insights.