How To Streamline and Organize Your Sales Process with Geopointe

The beginning of the year is filled with hope. There is an overarching theme of new beginnings and fresh starts. You’re motivated to be more successful, more organized, and more efficient with your sales process this year.

That’s the plan. To be successful. But how are you executing that plan?

You need to make sure you have the right tools in place to support you on this journey because let’s face it, mountains of data can make any plan fail quickly. You simply need a better way to work with your data, which will result in a better sales process overall. 

Geopointe is here to keep you organized, productive, and successful all year long.

Better Target Your Prospecting Efforts

Using your time wisely is always important in sales. You want to make sure you’re targeting the right prospects, and the beginning of the year is a great time for a clean slate.  

Get the most bang for your buck by leaning on the power of geoanalytics. With Geopointe, you can work with a variety of different data sets to unearth deep insights into your accounts from a visual perspective. Those insights make your data actionable, which gives you a clear direction of where to best target your efforts. 

With Heat Mapping, for example, you can transform your data using digestible color-coding. Clusters will appear in an assortment of colors to indicate both hot and cold areas. This particular form of data visualization allows you to instantly recognize trends that turn into plans of attack.  

heat mapping

Heat maps can be viewed based on numeric fields like opportunity size, annual revenue, etc. You can also see areas where you’ve been the most successful with opportunities or even where the bulk of your existing customers can be found. 

Identifying those clusters provides immediate understanding of where you should focus your efforts this year, especially if your goal is to find areas with the highest potential for growth.

Automatically Distribute Leads to Reps

Bring automation into the new year to streamline your entire business plan. With Geopointe, you can automatically distribute and assign leads to your sales reps based on their specific territory boundaries. This will eliminate confusion when territories shift, which is very common at the beginning of the year. 

With geoanalytics software like Geoponte, you are also able to make adjustments to those territories and see the immediate changes before anything becomes permanent. This way, you can more clearly understand how each team will be impacted and any possible strain it could put on your resources. 

When territories have been adjusted, it’s often difficult to keep track of who accounts should be distributed to. With the type of automation available with Geopointe, new leads or accounts are handled with the push of a button. 

Automatically distributing leads after any changes will save you time and ensure all customers are covered, so no one slips through the cracks. 

Work Smarter with Your Call List

As we’ve said before, your time is valuable. This year, make finding a better way to schedule your time a priority. Start with your daily list of calls. 

With a variety of viewing options, Geopointe allows you to determine the best course of action when it comes to structuring your busy day of calls. 

One option is to display time zone boundaries, which really puts your contact’s best interest in mind. Visualizing that data gives you a better understanding of where to start dialing. With accounts scattered around the country, you can be sure to reach out to Eastern accounts first and make your way West. This will help you avoid reaching out to someone after their business hours, which respects both your time and theirs. 

You can use more advanced strategies to better schedule your day on the phone. Prioritizing by time zone is a great first step, but you can also bring in additional filtering techniques with Geopointe. 

For instance, you can layer your accounts by company size, opportunities by revenue, and more. This method ensures you don’t miss out on contacting your largest targets in the event that you don’t have enough time to get through all of your calls.

Naturally, with Geopointe, we’re confident you will always have the time to get through your calls this year.

Intelligently Plan In-Person Events

As we return to a relative normal, in-person events are back in full swing. You might be planning to step out in public for more customer-facing gatherings this year, like perhaps hosting a customer appreciation dinner or coffee hour. 

Allow Geopointe to do the heavy lifting to ensure the event is a success. 

You can easily map out where all of your customers are and find a nearby venue on the map. Using heat maps, you can pinpoint a venue in the middle of the most high-density area. 

Instead of trying to scan through lists and spreadsheets to determine where the majority of your customer base is located, visualize it all on the map with Geopointe for seamless event planning.

Notes on the Fly, All in One Place

The importance of staying organized cannot be overlooked, especially at the start of a new year. Good habits will stick if there’s a simple method to help you keep up the good work. That simple method is Geopointe. 

With robust mobile capabilities, Geopointe will help keep all of your important data in one place. Check-in and check-out features allow you to track activities in the field and take down notes while they’re fresh in your mind. This makes it so much easier to remember important information later on, improving the accuracy of your data. 

Instead of trying to go back and log information about your visits for an entire day, you can quickly log notes on the fly. This also means your manager can see any important or time-sensitive information more quickly, which helps to put the customer first.

Stay Organized All Year Long

Streamlining your business process and prioritizing organization will be the key to a successful year. With Geopointe, there are so many ways to be more productive and stay organized. 

Our team is filled with experts who are ready to help cater the Geopointe experience to your own specific needs, stretch goals, etc. Be sure to contact us to get started and learn how our solutions will take your strategy and execution to the next level this year (and beyond).