Geopointe for Salesforce Financial Services.

Location intelligence can be used to help drive the fast-paced Financial Services industry. Geoanalytics allows you to visualize concentrations of policies, optimize scheduling and routes to client meetings, easily track AUM, and enhance your offerings with location intelligence for Salesforce to provide the best customer experience possible.

Geopointe helps you gain location-based insights that will allow you to analyze your business strategy and make decisions that drive productivity.

Financial Advisors & Mutual Fund Wholesalers
  • Track and visualize target clients or AUM as well as schedule meetings on any device
  • Design trips around important meetings to maximize travel impact directly from the map in Salesforce
  • Visualize your target clients or households on the map, then use routing and optimization capabilities to create targeted routes and visit more clients per day
  • Collaborate between internal and external wholesalers on travel planning and scheduling

Insurance Brokers
  • Visualize policyholders, claims, and coverage within your territory identifying areas of growth and enhance existing client relationships
  • Accelerate onboarding by performing mass updates directly from the map, giving new brokers visibility into their geographic territory
  • Overlay weather conditions or demographic data to visualize and analyze concentrations of claims or policyholders using heat maps
  • Utilize our “add to campaign” capabilities to execute geographically targeted calling or email campaigns

Banking: Retail, Commercial & Mortgage
  • Provide an aggregate snapshot of all financial accounts with thematic mapping, giving bankers a better understanding of their customers’ and the broader households’ financial holdings at a glance
  • Identify areas for growth by visualizing demographic data with heat maps
  • Visualize financial accounts, customers, or households within your territory and overlay with demographic data, identifying areas of growth and enhancing existing client relationships
  • Efficiently schedule and optimize routes to client visits and bank representative rotations directly on mobile or desktop
  • Forecast profitable branch locations and events based on client proximity or competitive presence

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