Geopointe for Executives.

Geopointe provides business leaders and executives with visual reporting using geolocation for an at-a-glance understanding of different aspects of your business. Gain the ability to view geographic trends in your Salesforce data on the map to help drive decisions that increase productivity.

Geographic Searching & Analysis

The Geographic Searching & Analysis tool highlights the big picture for executives by using advanced visualization and filtering capabilities to identify hidden trends and patterns within data. The map adds that extra dimension a list view or report cannot: a geographic understanding of where your records are and how they relate to each other in proximity.

Thematic Maps

Thematic maps help make relevant data sets (such as customer size, account owner or revenue) understandable and actionable. By aggregating these data sets and displaying them on the map, executives can quickly identify themes and trends by geographic region. Seeing data grouped by geographic regions allows for quick comparisons in different territories, making thematic maps an excellent resource for executive leadership and strategic planning.


With Geopointe’s interactive charts, you can do additional analysis in the Geopointe interface using pie charts or bar graphs, grouping by any location or territory.

Transform your data into actionable insights.