How to Increase Salesforce Adoption with Geolocation

There are two main ways to improve Salesforce adoption: create a powerful advantage to adopting Salesforce and create a powerful disadvantage to not adopting Salesforce. 

There are many benefits to logging sales activity and incorporating CRM adoption into your daily operations. This includes never again forgetting what happened during that important meeting with your customer’s executive team, or ensuring that you’re following up with your at-risk accounts.

Adopting Salesforce in your day-to-day helps you better understand pipeline goals and progress, identify critical accounts and deals, and collaborate effectively with teammates. 

Your data and insights are right there in your CRM, you just can’t see them yet. Geopointe surfaces those insights with features like Heat Maps and Thematic Maps, providing you with a lens through which you can visualize your data.

Geopointe makes it easy to locate any data in the world and take action upon it, bringing your data and insights to the surface. Internally, we always say, “Geopointe is as good as the data you put into it” — meaning, Geopointe is a powerful solution when your CRM data is clean, accurate, and properly maintained. 

Luckily, Geopointe encourages your team to log their activity because it benefits them too. 

The result? Higher Salesforce adoption and more valuable insights.

Adopting Salesforce using Geopointe

When you’re a field sales rep on the road, data entry often falls off your priority list. You’ll spend all night transferring handwritten notes to your CRM — or worse, forget to enter your notes altogether.

Now, why do reps do this? 

In part, because of a common misconception that CRM data doesn’t benefit individual salespeople. Some organizations struggle to convey the purpose behind this data entry, leaving you to wonder why you’re bothering with the task at all. Maybe you even believe that the data you enter in Salesforce goes into a black hole, never to be touched again. 

This is where a solution like Geopointe comes in. Let’s take marketing and advertising company Trader Interactive, for example. They saw an increase in widespread Salesforce adoption after implementing Geopointe due to the ability to map and plan their days and be more strategic in how they travel between accounts.

Geopointe transforms this CRM data and gives you actionable information in return, helping you understand your data through what we refer to as geoanalytics.

The insights you gain from seeing this data visualized on a map make it instantly clear just how valuable that CRM data really is to you.

Geopointe helps you do things such as: 

  • Visualize recent activity by accounts so you can reach out within a reasonable time
  • Find and chase the biggest leads based on company size, ARR, and more
  • Geographically understand your opportunities

Geopointe Unlocks the Full Potential of Your CRM

Geopointe can also be seen as a productivity tool to help you both achieve goals and save time. 

By displaying your data on a map, Geopointe makes it easier to catch missing or incorrect information sooner, while also helping you update and complete your data. When inputting information into Salesforce to use your data in Geopointe, think of the process as a positive feedback loop: “I put good data in because I get powerful data back.” 

The following are some other examples of specific use cases for Geopointe that improve productivity.

If you work with different time zones and have a hard time reaching your contacts at the right time, try using Geopointe to sort your tasks by time zone to ensure you’re following up quickly. 

Geopointe also works inside of Salesforce on your mobile device, making it easier to log calls when you’re in your territory. Use the voice-to-text option to easily log every piece of information from your visit instead of summarizing to save time, which could result in missed information. 

Additionally, the Check In & Out feature lets you jot down the most important notes on the fly. With this, you will be empowered to log more information relevant to an account because it’s top of mind before you make it to your next stop or, worse, waiting until the end of the day to complete your notes.

Improving Salesforce Adoption with Geopointe

Inputting data into Salesforce is where the true advantage lies. Our customers who use Geopointe daily recognize that they couldn’t complete a workday without the robust nature of geolocation. For this reason, they input their Salesforce data correctly, consistently, and on time. 

Geopointe converts your data into an easily digestible format: a map. 

We understand that reports and dashboards can be hard to understand, and inputting data to never look at again seems like a waste of time to some Salesforce end-users. Geopointe is user-friendly and adds value to your data.  

Viewing this data on a map gives you a competitive advantage and unlocks new analytics you probably didn’t have the ability to focus on before. Geopointe helps you follow up with the right accounts at the right time and optimizes your day to simplify planning and make your life easier.

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