7 Resources to Get the Most Out of Your Geopointe Trial

7 Resources to Get the Most Out of Your Geopointe Trial

How to Find the Right Resources to Learn the App & Streamline Success

So you’ve just finished installing your Geopointe trial, now what? To ensure you get the most out of the next 15 days, we’ve put together some of the most helpful resources to get you and your team on the map.
The following list is a collaboration of Geopointe resources to make your trial period as easy, informative and productive as possible:


1. Get Familiar with the Basics (Post-Installation)

• Edit Organizational Settings
• Create Map Objects
• Schedule Data for Geocoding
If you have just installed your Geopointe trial, these post-installation steps are for you. It breaks down all the relevant specifications and customizations you’ll need to successfully set up your Geopointe account. In less than 15 minutes you will have Geopointe enabled in your system and you can start mapping your data.


2. End-user Tutorials

• Access & search Geopointe
• Manage the “mapped layers” tab
• Plan, notate, optimize, save & share trips as routes
• Use Geopointe mobile inside salesforce1
These tutorials are a great resource for all Geopointe users of all roles from sales to marketing to operations and beyond. This comprehensive guide, full of end-user focused guides, has the direct solutions to many of those needs. Logging in, searching, planning routes – you’ll find all things end-user here.



3. Watch our Webinars

• Getting Started for New Users
• Geopointe Administration Set-up
While our library or webinars cover all topics from product releases to our customizable analytics platform, there are two webinars ideal for new users exploring their Geopointe trial. Getting started with Geopointe for New Users will train users on the basics of Geopointe within 25 minutes and the Geopointe Administration Webinar will help Geopointe Admins setup and customize their Geopointe installation for their specifications. An updated version of this webinar is scheduled for August 23rd. Register Today to learn the latest features for customizing Geopointe. We’re constantly adding to the library, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to get notified when we release new webinars.


4. Top 10 Common Use Cases for Geopointe

• Time-saving use cases for sales
• A targeted approach for marketers
• Benefits for operations and Executives

Once you have a decent grasp on Geopointe’s fundamental features, you can begin to explore the use cases for each of them to learn how they can be applied to your more specific job-related needs. This article features 10 of the most frequently seen use cases and how they can be successfully applied to meet to a wide-variety of bottom-line objectives.


5. Top 10 Unique Use Cases for Mapping

• Benefits of Geopointe for various job functions
• Use cases by industry
• Tapping into your existing accounts.

Geopointe has many obvious applications that address common business needs. However, as a tool that seems to have countless applications, we constantly come across new use cases that open our eyes. To give you a clearer picture of what exactly that means, we put together a list of the Top 10 Unique Use Cases for Mapping to help you think outside the box and explore new ways to use our product.


6. Get started with Salesforce1 (SF1)

• Add Geopointe to Salesforce1’s Menu
• Configure Session Settings
• Find Common Troubleshooting Steps and FAQs
• Notes for iPhone and iPad Users

Salesforce1 (SF1), Salesforce’s mobile application, has become a powerful tool in its own right, especially when it comes to geolocation features. As such, the Geopointe development team has labored hard to make our SF1 features and functionalities equally impressive. The ability to access Geopointe alongside your Salesforce data through SF1 allows users to be more efficient and productive while on the road or away from the office. It truly is one of the most beneficial features that you don’t want to miss during your trial.

7. YouTube Video Tutorials

• Salesforce1 Tutorials
• End-user Tutorials
• Admin Tutorials
• Routing Tutorials.

Here at Geopointe HQ, we take note of our communities most common requests and constantly look to address them – that’s where our YouTube channel comes into play, quite literally. As the primary place for quick tips and tutorials, our YouTube channel is constantly updated with video content that gives easy solutions to some of the most common community requests, so you don’t have to submit a support ticket every time you need help.



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