Top 10 Unique Use Cases for Data Mapping

Top 10 Unique Use Cases for Mapping

One of our most popular blog posts of all time is the Top 10 Use Cases for Geopointe. While this encompasses many of the most common use cases for Geopointe, it hardly scratches the surface of Geopointe’s extensive functionality. Every day we hear more and more unique use cases of how Geopointe is being used by companies of all sizes across all industries. The list could go on and on but here are some of our favorite ways Geopointe is being used.

1. Use mapping to call prospects and “name drop” happy customers within a set radius. Color code by industry and company size for an added boost of insight.

2. Color your map by time zones, then layer your contacts by type, accounts by company size and opportunities by revenue to strategized your outbound calling efforts.

3. Use it for your school’s recruiting efforts. Target potential new students by area, school districts, and US demographic data. Also great for mapping alumni, donations, college fairs, and events.

4. Use Geopointe’s check-in and check-out feature alongside reporting to track activities in the field, calculate time spent and review for optimal efficiencies.

5. Customer service teams answer service calls and use Geopointe to build and save routes for their field technicians. Technicians access the saved routes in the Salesforce mobile app for optimal travel time, allowing more visits in a day.

6. Use heat mapping to search for high-density areas of customers or prospects before planning your next user group meeting, customer appreciation event, or lunch and learn. Color code by industry, company size and revenue for customized reach out.

7. Understand how adequately territories are being covered and if accounts and leads are equally distributed amongst your team. Color pins by assigned owner, map open opportunities by potential revenue and map leads and prospects by size.

8. Non-profits search donors in close proximity to specific events. Donors are added to a campaign for reach out. For added value, layer US demographics data to search for new donors and volunteers.

9. Show potential franchisee’s what locations are available nearby. Overlay demographics data to uncover hidden points of interest.

10. Target supporters in specific legislative districts to encourage them to contact state delegates about relevant bills.

Want to discover other use cases for Geopointe? Follow the link below for more ideas to help you make the most of Salesforce mapping!

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