5 Salesforce Mobile App Tutorial Videos to Enhance Your Mobile Geopointe Experience

In 2013, when Salesforce initially released their mobile app (previously known as Salesforce1 or SF1), the next-generation CRM platform’s mobile solution, it was relatively simplistic. But, over time the product was progressively fine-tuned allowing applications like Geopointe to spread our wings in terms of the mobile experience we offer. Today, we continue to add to our extensive list of mobile features for you, our loyal users, to take advantage of while you’re on-the-go.

Luckily, if you haven’t fully acquainted yourself with Geopointe’s mobile experience, we have plenty of tutorial videos to help you get up-to-speed. Here is a quick breakdown of the five we think you’ll find most beneficial:

1. Salesforce Mobile App  |  In-depth Routing

For those of you looking to make the most of your time on-the-go, this video is for you! Whether you want to create a route, view a record or check-in at a location, this video offers an in-depth look at all things routing.


  • Understand Salesforce mobile app display options
  • View Salesforce records in the mobile app
  • Check-in, check out and leave notes with ease
  • Add pre-existing records to your current route

2. Salesforce Mobile App  |  Change Navigation Preferences

Whether you use Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps, Geopointe can accommodate any and all of your routing needs! Check out this video if you want to know how to customize your app to meet your “tech specs.”


  • Adjust your “Nearby Units” to miles or kilometers
  • Change your interface to use your favorite navigation app
  • Select your favorite ride share app – Uber or Lyft – for times you’re not driving

3. Salesforce Mobile App  |  Access Pre-existing Routes

Learn how to access any pre-existing routes you or your team created for you with ease in this quick video.


  • Access pre-saved routes from yourself
  • Find route created by an administrator (dispatcher) or inside sales person

4. Salesforce Mobile App  |  Create a Route

Whether you’re out on the road, running short on time, or you simply prefer your cell phone to your desktop, this video teaches you how to easily create a route in Salesforce mobile app.


  • Create a route from scratch from your mobile device
  • Discover new prospects and add them to your route
  • Adjust your route window (timeframe)
  • Set specific times for appointments

5. Salesforce Mobile App  |  Fill-in Appointment Cancellations

It’s all too common to have a meeting cancellation the day of, or even moments before its scheduled time. Learn how to easily fill gaps in your schedule to increase your productivity and efficiency in the field.


  • Search for accounts or contacts nearby
  • Add new appointments to fill a cancellation
  • Shuffle your stops or optimize the entire route

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