Top 10 Geopointe Use Cases for Sales Productivity


It must be summer rerun season because they are even letting the sales team write blog posts! Here are my Top 10 favorite use cases for Geopointe to improve productivity  using Geopointe:

1. Visualize your business/territory

Map accounts, opportunities, donors, custom objects and my valuable insight by querying across any of your Salesforce records or fields. Generate heat maps and charts that reveal powerful insights with a single click

2. Plan Your Day Around a Big Meeting

Proximity searching allows you to quickly build trips around anchor meetings by listing/finding/identifying/qualifying nearby accounts/opportunities/leads/partners/reference accounts

3. Optimize & Share Multipoint Routes

Makes planning efficient travel itineraries as streamlined and easy as possible, and share your recently created routes with your team.

4. Follow Pre-saved Routes

Launch google driving directions with one click and plan pre-saved routes (including airports and hotels) inside Salesforce1.

5. Fill in Meeting Cancellations

Quickly identifying and connect with nearby accounts, contacts, opportunities and leads from your mobile device.

6. Check-in & Log Meeting Notes

From the convenience of your smartphone, don’t miss a detail from your presentations by taking thorough notes on-the-go. Also, you can generate maps to show where you’ve been for full field transparency.

7. Develop Geographically Targeted Email Campaigns

Event Planning and Coordinating volunteers has never been easier

8. Do More with Developer Friendly Customizations

Geopointe can be customized to meet a wide range of needs. Works Geo-liciously with many other leading AppExchange solutions.

9. Simplify Territory & Lead Management

Simplify Territory & Lead Management reassigning/changing ownership of leads and accounts.

10. Explore the User-friendly Interface

Anyone who’s used Google Maps (isn’t that everyone?) will have a basic understanding of how Geopointe works. Easy to use functionality that saves time and delivers value from day one – that is the holy grail of adoption.

For more ideas on using Geopointe, read our Top 10 Unique Use Cases blog post below!

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