Geopointe Winter 2022 Release

We’re excited to bring you the latest updates to Geopointe in our Winter 2022 Release. Our team strives to optimize the user experience with Geopointe – the solution that puts your CRM data on the map – to provide actionable insights for your accounts, contacts, opportunities, and more.

The complete list of updates can be found in the link to the Release Notes below, but continue reading to learn about some of the exciting new enhancements for our users.

LevelEleven Integration

One notable update in this release comes from enhanced integrations with our sister product LevelEleven, a powerful coaching and gamification solution. Geopointe users who have LevelEleven Performance Scorecard in their tech stack can now bring their Scorecard data to the map with LevelEleven Metric Layers.

LevelEleven Metric Layers in Geopointe provide real-time geographic insights into sales performance data. The data can be filtered on the map from a geographic perspective (Shape, Nearby, etc.) so that users can add additional context to their leading and lagging KPIs. 

This enhancement also includes new LevelEleven actions, which is where the fun really begins. Managers can motivate and recognize team members directly from the map with the LevelEleven Splash Action (splash sent via Channel11). 

Level Eleven Splash Action from Geopointe

In addition to the LevelEleven Splash action option, managers can also use the LevelEleven Coaching Action to create a Coaching Note directly from the map.

Route Planner Enhancements

(For customers with Route Planner Add-On)

Geopointe admins can manage Route Plan optimizations for their entire team. This saves time for sales and service people while allowing the team to centralize and streamline administration.

The new Route Planner tab in Geopointe Setup allows Admins to run optimization jobs on the fly, or schedule them on an ongoing basis. While users can still choose to optimize their Route Plans on their own, this new option allows an administrator to enforce a consistent optimization schedule. With the click of a button, routes can be optimized weeks ahead of time or even scheduled as batch jobs to optimize on a recurring basis.

In addition, Route Planner Admins can now clone a Route Plan configuration by clicking the Clone button on the record page for that configuration. This launches a new Route Plan Configuration record with pre-populated fields based on the original Route Plan.

Enhanced User Experience

Geopointe provides powerful ways to visualize and take action on the data you work with every day. Territory Planning and Route Optimization have never been easier with our latest feature enhancements, which include:

New Geocode Quality Values:

Our team created new Geocode Quality values that clarify the accuracy of your mapped records in plain english. The new values will show up as “rooftop” (the most precise), “street” (if street level data was found, but without an address), “estimated” (location identified, but accuracy can’t be verified), or “postal code/city/state/country” (depending on how much info was provided). The Geocode Quality field shows up below the map and is extremely useful for filtering out unreliable data or incomplete address information.

Resource Groups in Calendar-Based Scheduling:

Both your time and your screen space are valuable, especially when you are keeping track of various resources. Calendar-Based Scheduling is being enhanced with Resource Groups to maximize efficiency when managing multiple calendars at once.

This customer-driven enhancement makes it easy for one person to view and update schedules for multiple groups at one time. Users will be able to group their resources by team, live asset, or any grouping that makes the most sense for their business.

Additional User Experience Enhancements:

In addition to these feature enhancements, our team has delivered many other updates to support easier navigation and save precious screen space.

You can find the full breakdown in our Release Notes, which will also mention some fantastic UI enhancements:

See the Excitement in Action

We hope you are as excited as we are about the latest from LevelEleven! We are confident that these enhancements will empower teams to align their people to outcomes, whether that includes territory optimization, route planning, or real-time insights from the map.

For more information on this release, and to see all the latest updates in action, be sure to watch the recording of our Geopointe Winter 2022 Release Webinar

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