LevelEleven integration metric layers

LevelEleven Integration

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LevelEleven Scorecard Metric Layers
Geopointe users who also have a LevelEleven license can get dynamic, geographic insight into their Scorecard data. Users can narrow their focus by filtering data geographically or by date, adjusting aggregations of field data, as well as get a dynamic picture of their goal progress. These layers enable managers to see the whole picture of their company performance.

This integration with LevelEleven provides a geographic view of performance that helps leaders get clearer insights, recognize patterns, and engage with their team in new ways.

For more information visit leveleleven.com.

Level Eleven Splash Action from Geopointe

LevelEleven Actions

The LevelEleven integration enables a LevelEleven actions menu where managers can instantly start a coaching note or send a Channel11 Splash to recognize and motivate individual team members. The ‘Send a Splash’ action allows managers to celebrate, motivate, or encourage individual reps with a custom message.

With Geopointe and LevelEleven sales leaders have a more comprehensive view of team performance and can take action with real-time coaching and recognition directly from the map.

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