Streamline Your Scheduling Process

Manage any user’s schedule with geographic insight using Geopointe’s dynamic Calendar-Based Scheduling interface. This feature lets you visualize scheduled travel plans and update events or appointments right from the map.

Streamline Your Scheduling Process

You can benefit from the flexibility and insight of the Calendar-Based Scheduling feature in these ways: 

  • Use location insight to plan appointments for yourself or an entire team 
  • Optimize schedules by travel time and get alerts when appointments conflict
  • Maximize productivity by filling schedule gaps with mapped records
  • Get a holistic perspective on upcoming appointments by day, week, or month


Quick Setup

Admins can set up Calendar-Based Scheduling with a few easy steps using the Event object or any other Salesforce object. Calendar updates automatically write back to your Salesforce environment so you can seamlessly manage your team’s service visits, deliveries and other appointments.


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