Geolocation Use Cases by Industry


Higher Education

In the world of higher education, location data has carved out a special niche, as it’s helped optimize recruiting and alumni relation processes. Read more.




With a surplus of pre-existing location data, telecom companies have learned how to consolidate and streamline that data to drive bottom-line results. Read more.



Finance & Insurance

Geolocation tools have established a proven track record of success in two industries hyperfocused on numbers: insurance and finance. Read more.



Over the years, manufacturers have used a long list of tools to improve their processes. Recently, geolocation has moved to the top of that list. Read more.



Real Estate

As real estate agencies have become more advanced and data-driven, they’ve progressively turned to location data to bring in more clients. Read more.



Fitness & Health Care

From pinpointing regional health trends to identifying popular cycling routes, geolocation technology has provided many valuable use cases for fitness and health care companies. Read more.



Retail Industry

With an emphasis on customer service, companies in the retail industry have turned to geolocation to enhance their in-store and e-commerce experiences! Read more.




From environmental groups to social services, countless nonprofits have learned how to leverage location data to make a difference. Read more.

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