How to Boost Your Business with Location Data: Telecommunications

Part 9 | #BoostYourBusiness Series

For years, telecommunications companies have had access to unparalleled amounts of location data. After all, few industries have access to more location-based information than the companies providing consumers and corporations with cellular data plans for their mobile devices. But, despite a surplus of location data, telecom companies need to know how to effectively consolidate, understand and leverage that data to drive real business results.

If you’re in telecommunications and want to leverage your location data more efficiently, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Track & Enhance Service Call Efficiency

Telecommunication services can live or die by the quality of their service response times. That goes for home-to-home customer service calls and any cell towers that may go down. After all, for the latter option, entire neighborhoods and cities can be affected by an outage. As such, service calls for companies in the telecom industry needs to be as swift and efficient as possible. Thanks to location data services likeGeopointe, identifying optimizations for service teams in the field is easier than ever!

With the help of features like Geopointe’s Live Vehicle & Asset Tracking feature, companies in telecommunications are now able to get real-time data from any vehicle or asset they want to optimize or monitor. So, if you have a large number of service teams in the field, you can track their average MPH while driving and time on-site to optimize their performance. Additionally, you’ll be able to identify wide-spread trends that may be leading to a drop off in productivity. From there you can build high-level objectives to address them.

Consolidate Sales Processes After Mergers

Many telecom companies undergo large-scale mergers that present a significant hurdle for sales teams and their leaders. After all, when two teams with different processes, strategies and cultures are asked to consolidate their territories and accounts, countless questions and concerns can arise. Luckily, location data services, like Geopointe, provide tools that allow you to visualize and maneuver your sales territories directly from the map and customize them without much drop-off in production time. This decrease in territory-related hiccups helps newly consolidated companies boost their bottom line numbers much quicker.

No matter how many employees you have, mapping out new sales territories is infinitely more manageable with a comprehensive location data solution like Geopointe. First off, you can manage your Salesforce data sets directly from the map with the help of Geopointe’s Data Set Management feature. From there you can use Geopointe’s Visual Shape Editor and Marker Customization features to customize the labeling, color schemes and location markers, providing your team with clear-cut visual segmentation of their new territories. You can even auto-assign new records based on your geographic territories.

Quick & Easy Development Optimizations

Optimizing your sales and service processes can lead to a substantial boost in KPIs. In the past, large-scale process optimizations run through a technical software solution like Geopointe were tricky to implement and required a significant allocation of resources and budget. However, today these type of optimizations are easy for internal development teams to implement thanks to industry-leading apps, like Geopointe.

One prime example is Geopointe’s Custom Action Framework feature, which has been used by numerous telecom companies to build a more custom solution. Custom actions can be displayed as buttons, links or inline iframed web pages. For instance, if you want to streamline the process for your service team, you can create a custom button that allows them to submit an order while still onsite easily. Not only does this streamline the efficiency and accuracy of your field team, but it also consolidates the results of each visit for managers. The framework is meant to be open-ended, allowing you to integrate Geopointe into an existing or new business process seamlessly. For more details on how to make your data actionable, visit our help site.

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