How to Boost Your Business with Location Data: Financial Services & Insurance Companies

Part 4 | #BoostYourBusiness Series

Geolocation data has a proven track record in many industries, some that have several clear-cut applications for technologies that companies like Geopointe have to offer. Such is the case with companies in the insurance and financial sectors – two industries hyper-focused on numbers. And, with such a numerical focus, location data has quickly become a go-to resource for companies in this area of the business world.

Here are three powerful Geopointe features that have been used to consistently boost bottom-line numbers for companies in the financial and insurance industries:

1. Geographic Searching & Analysis

When you consider that many companies in finance have specific target audiences that they aim to serve, the ability to use Geographic Searching & Analysis to search for prospects that meet those specific parameters is an invaluable function for financial institutions. With the ability to easily identify specific characteristics about their client’s – such as income, assets and age – then quickly and easily plan meetings using that data, the applications for Geographic Searching & Analysis are crystal clear for finance-focused companies.

Less obvious, perhaps, is the extensive amount of ground Geopointe’s Geographic Searching & Analysis features can cover. Larger financial institutions have been able to identify key states in the U.S. to help hyper-focus their high-level goals based on variables, like Assets Under Management (AUM). With the ability to apply Geographic Searching & Analysis in relation to Salesforce data, Geopointe has helped financial institutions all over achieve their business goals!

2. Sales Route Optimizations

As with the financial sector, the insurance industry has seen immediate results through location data. In fact, one Geopointe client with multiple lines of consumer and business insurance companies was able to optimize their sales routes. Using Geopointe allowed them to pinpoint high net-worth clients and easily optimize their sales routes to hit areas that were dense with potential prospects. From there, they were able to build customized lists that could give their sales reps additonal data on optimal prospects and follow-up with them accordingly. Once they scheduled their meetings for the day, they could access their saved Geopointe route from Salesforce mobile, making their time on the road more productive.

These various optimizations have been applied to fulfill the needs of numerous insurance institutions and have yielded substantial increases in their sales productivity and bottom-line numbers.

3. Heat Mapping

The need to strategically identify potential clients and locate existing clients is an integral part of high-cost services in both insurance and finance. Thus, the use of Heat Mapping to quickly and efficiently see where your target audience lies is a key function for companies in these sectors. Heat Mapping can pinpoint the exact area for your sales teams to concentrate their efforts, be it within a particular ZIP code, county or state.

Additionally, Heat Mapping can help you optimize your marketing team’s campaigns, as they can identify the target audience with ease and add those mapped results to a Salesforce campaign. Insurance companies and financial institutions alike have experienced high-level success time and time again with the help of Heat Mapping.

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