How to Boost Your Business with Location Data: Manufacturing

Part 8 | #BoostYourBusiness Series

Over the years, countless tools and technologies have been created to help manufacturers improve their processes and workflow. After all, the more efficiently they can deliver the completed product to the consumer, the more their bottom-line rises. As such, it was only a matter of time before manufacturing made geolocation technology a core component of their business process.

If you’re in manufacturing and looking to add geolocation to your process, here are some of the best ways to do it:

Automate Heavy Machinery

In the past, the workflow of heavy machinery was led by floor managers which left room for error and inconsistencies. Today, factory floors use various technologies to track key movements on the factory floor to slim the company budgets and expand productivity. Geolocation is at the forefront of these services in terms of useful applications for manufacturing businesses, as its long list of use cases continue to expand for manufacturing companies.

Streamline Sales Processes

Manufacturing companies have varying target audiences and some focus on selling to businesses (B2B) and others focus on selling to consumers (B2C). Either way, many manufacturing companies have audiences that are less clear-cut and easy to find than traditional target markets. So, they often need data to divulge where their accounts and prospects are located, how to find them and how to arrange more meetings with them.

With features such as Geopointe’s People & Data Layers, manufacturers can identify where their target audience resides. From there, they can follow the example set forth by Geopointe customer, DenMat Holdings, LLC and use Geopointe’s Routing & Optimization feature to see many more clients per day. This, in turn, leads to more sales meetings and a corresponding rise in capital gains.

Expand Data Visibility for Facility Selection

The selection of an optimal facility location is a game-changer for many manufacturing corporations. With the onset of economic globalization, the options for facilities have become seemingly limitless, as have the many strategic variables (e.g., natural resources, tax laws and the cost of labor). Luckily, geolocation solutions like Geopointe help manufacturers isolate these key data points to make calculated decisions that allow them to pick optimal locations, helping their business thrive over the long-haul.

With the help of features such as Geopointe’s Geographic Searching & Analysis tool manufacturing businesses can now locate any Salesforce data in the world. This feature allows them to layer and isolate key data points to decide where to place their next facility.Imagine building a Salesforce report and being able to view the results on a map. With Geopointe’s complex filtering options, you can do exactly that so you can make more informed decisions.

Want to learn how geolocation is driving success in other industries? Follow the link below for more use cases by industry!

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