How to Boost Your Business with Location Data: Higher Education

Part 12 | #BoostYourBusiness Series

In the world of higher education, location data has carved out a special niche, as it’s helped optimize recruiting and alumni relation processes in ways that were simply not possible a few years ago. As such, universities are rapidly adopting location data solutions like GeopointeIf you work in higher education, here are three use cases that exemplify how you and your institution can leverage geolocation data to maximize results.

Streamline Recruiting Trips with Optimized Routes

College recruiting trips are perhaps the most grueling part of the entire recruiting process, as time on the road and repetitive elevator pitches can wear even the most resilient recruiter down. Fortunately for mentally taxed road warriors, location data tools have been more rapidly adopted by educational institutions in recent years. This industrywide evolution has provided a series of tech-driven optimizations that help make time on the road less taxing and more enjoyable.

Few tools are more suited to optimize recruiting trips than Geopointe’s Routing and Optimization feature! This popular feature allows recruiters to build optimized routes in advance of recruitment trips using any type of mappable data (Salesforce data, Google search results or saved locations). Routes can be created in advance, saved and accessed in Salesforce mobile so your driving directions are handy once it’s time to hit the road. You can even search for your favorite lunch spots (e.g., Chipotle) or routine gas stops (e.g., Arco) along the way. If your meetings are scheduled at specific times, Geopointe allows you to schedule your route stops to help ensure you’re leaving enough driving time between meetings.

Enhance Alumni Marketing Efforts

Higher education institutions are often entrenched in history, as it’s not uncommon for universities to have surpassed their 50th anniversaries. After graduating droves of students for that many years, you can imagine how hard it can be to manage relations and maintain contact with alumni. However, so long as you have their current location, a solution like Geopointe can help you cleanup that process and effectively reach out to your alumni to share newsletters, campus updates and event invites.

Geopointe provides alumni relations departments with the ability to search for alumni from the map within specific geographic regions to see where they presently live. Then, using the Actionable Data feature, they can group alumni into area-specific campaigns, and send them only the most relevant marketing materials. So, if a university hosts an on-campus event that’s relatively low-key, they only have to send emails to alumni in the surrounding area, saving them from spending excess money on marketing efforts and materials. Conversely, if that same school’s football team has an upcoming away game, they can use Geopointe to offer deals on tickets to alumni who have relocated to that area, increasing their revenue and attendance.

Identify the Best Regions to Target Prospective Students

For college recruiting managers in the beginning stages of the recruiting process, the number of available areas to scour for prospective students can seem daunting. Unless you have hundreds of recruiters at your disposal, you’ll need to able to decipher the best areas to send them during recruitment season. Luckily, location data solutions like Geopointe offer several solutions that help simplify this process.

Geopointe’s Geo Library helps you visualize the many school districts where you’re considering sending your recruitment teams to find prospective students. Then, using the Geographic Search and Analysis feature you can search for students that meet your school’s prerequisites within those boundaries using your pre-existing Salesforce data sets. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to visualize which school districts have the most ideal prospects to send to admissions and which you have the least. As a result, you can trim the fat early in the process by eliminating school districts with fewer opportunities from your recruitment strategy.

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