How to Boost Your Business with Location Data: Real Estate Industry

Part 10 | #BoostYourBusiness Series

Few industries benefit from location-based intelligence like the real estate industry. As real estate agents and agencies have become more advanced and data-driven, they’ve progressively turned to location data to bring in more clients and optimize their house or commercial buying experience. If you call the real estate industry home, here are three examples of how geolocation tools, like Geopointe, can help you drive results.

Optimize the Placement of Marketing Materials

Real estate teams often focus their efforts on one or two target demographics within a specific location radius. As such, they are constantly trying to identify the best ways to find and reach those target audiences. With access to that information, they can send marketing collateral (e.g., personally branded complimentary notepads) to the people who are most likely to need their services.

Geolocation tools allow real estate teams to identify where their target audiences live quickly and efficiently. Once they’ve done that, they can build custom territories and send marketing materials to neighborhoods with the highest density of their target audience, increasing their ROI. Additionally, avoiding sending those same materials to neighborhoods with fewer households that fall within their target audience will help eliminate excess spending on marketing collateral.

Data-Driven Consulting Tools

The real estate industry is a highly competitive market, with rivals continually looking for a leg-up. In the past, real estate agents often offered blue-collar labor (e.g., setting up garage sale signs) in addition to their core services, but, today many real estate agents have turned to data-driven consulting tools for a competitive edge.

Streamline Client Showings with Optimized Routes

Client facing realtors are often tasked with showing prospective buyers multiple houses in one day. And, since time is money, they need to be able to show as many houses in as little time possible. But without the right routing tools, finding properties and navigating your clients to each of them can suck up that valuable time.

Luckily, Geopointe’s Routing and Optimization feature provides a specific use case for this need. Using this feature real estate agents can create a custom route for each client that includes all of the houses within a particular area and price range. What’s more, this feature will automatically create the most time-efficient route so that real estate agents can show their clients more houses in less time.

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