Engenium Capital Creates Efficiency Companywide, with Salesforce & Geopointe


Engenium Capital is a leading financial services company based out of Mexico City, Mexico. They specialize in providing comprehensive leasing & business loan solutions for strategic assets to businesses across various industries, including fleet services, technology, industrial manufacturing and numerous others. With a tech-driven business model that emphasizes innovation and efficiency, they have established themselves as an industry leader in Mexico’s financial sector.

Despite their knack for innovation, Engenium Capital – originally owned by GE Capital Global Holdings, LLC – went through a period of time where its processes had become bogged down by antiquated solutions and bureaucratic hurdles. Then, in 2016 Linzor Capital Partners acquired GE’s Mexico-based equipment financing division, which became Engenium Capital! Under new leadership, Engenium set a digital-first strategy in place that focused on process optimizations and data consolidation.

Here’s a quick look at the challenges and triumphs Engenium Capital ran into on their quest to become “the most digital financial company in Mexico” and how Geopointe helped them generate a 30 percent increase in prospect visits per month.

Engenium Capital Creates Efficiency Companywide, with Salesforce & GeopointeAppExchange  Research & Discovery Process

Immediately following the acquisition, Engenium Capital was strapped for resources, as many of them were taken. However, Engenium’s Director of Marketing, Alejandro Álvarez saw the change as an opportunity to consolidate their businesses processes with a core group of digital solutions. “We had a new brand to position and the chance to build our own technological infrastructure,” said Alejandro. He kept Salesforce, which he trusted and was familiar with, then began researching how to build their org out from there “We originally had Salesforce at GE Capital, and we liked it. But not until we started to build our own [Salesforce org] did we realize the world of options we had available to us. Salesforce has so many valuable solutions available that fulfill specific business needs.” said Alejandro.

From there, Alejandro searched the Salesforce AppExchange for the most optimal solutions to build his processes around. After doing his due diligence, he knew he wanted a geolocation solution to pair with Salesforce. As a native Salesforce app with an established reputation of success (600+ reviews with an average 5-star rating) and a long list of easy to implement features, Alejandro put Geopointe atop his list of mapping options. “One of the things we look at when we evaluate a tool is the user-experience, the ease of implementation, the pricing, the chemistry between the supplier and user. I remember Geopointe meeting all those requirements,” said Alejandro.

Engenium Capital Creates Efficiency Companywide, with Salesforce & Geopointe

User-Friendly Interface

To reach their goals, Engenium Capital needed a mapping solution that was easy to use, customize and incorporate into their day-to-day workflow. After all, with over 15,000 accounts and only 50 or so salespeople, that process could quickly become chaotic if your sales team doesn’t know how to update their accounts and report on new leads. What’s more, with that many people, it’s inevitable that some team members would struggle with unproven and convoluted tech tools. They needed a mapping solution with a proven track record of scaling processes without user issues. “You can have the best tool and the best system – whatever. But if the people just don’t get it and they just don’t buy it, it just doesn’t work,” said Alejandro.

Once Engenium’s team was able to implement Geopointe into their daily routines and see its simple, yet robust User-Experience (UX), they knew they’d made the right call. In fact, according to Alejandro, they started seeing results almost immediately. “It only took one or two weeks to go from my first sales discussion with [Geopointe] to see actual results from the product. It was very very fast. The UX allowed us to implement very quickly and efficiently,” said Alejandro. “With Geopointe, we have a system that is easy to use and integrates with all of the things that a sales rep needs to close a deal. All of our salespeople now have one simple customer interface that provides them with the tools to close the deal.”

Engenium Capital Creates Efficiency Companywide, with Salesforce & GeopointePowerful Lead Generation Tools

While the word “capital” may evoke thoughts of ATMs and tellers, Engenium Capital is not a bank; it’s an independent finance company with a very specific set of services that typically cater to companies, not consumers. While marketing to large enterprise clients with big budgets has its obvious benefits, it also means no leads are handed to you. “While a bank, has a large customer base to generate cross-selling leads, we don’t have checking accounts, payroll or any of the consumer-based services a bank normally has, so we have to go out and find our customers by cold calling and searching through databases. That’s definitely a challenge,” said Alejandro.

Geopointe has a series of features that were able to address this pain point for Engenium efficiently. For one, the Geographic Search & Analysis feature provides sales managers with the ability to research customers, areas, leads and demographics from both desktop and mobile devices, providing the Engenium sales team with easy to access insights regardless of location. Additionally, Engenium’s sales managers can investigate which surrounding areas have the highest potential using Geopointe’s Geo Library feature, which visualizes vital location-based data directly from the map.

Engenium Capital Creates Efficiency Companywide, with Salesforce & GeopointeDynamic Territory Planning Features

Engenium Capital has accounts across all of Mexico’s 32 states – some small, some large. With such an expansive territory to cover and only four offices in charge of all of it, time-efficiency is key. “We have customers throughout all of Mexico and just four offices, so sales territories need to be adaptable and managing them needs to be time-efficient. That way managers can focus on strategizing and reps can focus on selling activities,” said Alejandro.

Geopointe’s Territory Management capabilities stood out to Alejandro and the Engenium team as a critical solution that could minimize the time they spent planning and adjusting sales territories. Geopointe allowed them to quickly and easily allocate territories based on distance, saving their sales managers time that would have otherwise been spent manually updating and creating sales territories. Now, they can easily adjust their sales territories when new team members come and old team members leave. “That’s why we chose Geopointe. We saw the time-saving potential it offered our sales leaders,” said Alejandro.

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