December 2020 Release – Route Planner

Route Planner Feature Image - route planner desktop interface

For those who have the Route Planner add-on, you’ll be excited to hear we’ve enhanced the feature even more with this latest release.

Designed for users who plan visits ahead of time with multi-day excursions or hotel stays, Route Planner now supports multiple start and end locations. The advanced scheduling capability allows users to define alternate locations where they intend to start and end their day, as well as the date ranges of those excursion periods.

Route Planner - advanced scheduling option

When editing Route Plan details, users simply click the “Advanced Schedule” button to define the dates and locations for each segment of their Route Plan. This ensures that Route Plans are built and optimized accurately for any routing scenario.

In case you aren’t familiar (or just need a refresher), here’s an overview of what Geopointe’s Route Planner can do. Also, be sure to watch our on-demand webinar for an in-depth look into these updates, as well as all the other new features from our December 2020 Release. Watch it here!

Simplify planning for regular & repetitive routes

With Geopointe’s Route Planner add-on, users are able to create optimized route plans well in advance of their trips. Prepare for upcoming meetings with a clear view of your schedule, and when things change, quickly see where you can squeeze in that last-minute meeting to ensure every contact is touched.

Route Planner increases your team’s productivity by saving them time building routes while also reducing drive time. A user just has to set their travel preferences and Geopointe will intelligently schedule optimized Route Plans, displaying which accounts to visit and when. When your Route Plan is set, you can access it from desktop or mobile to take it on the go for field visits.

These Route Plans are created by your Geopointe Administrator to specify the rules by which end users can generate their own routes. Key factors that can be customized include:

  • Visit frequency & time period
  • Define gaps between visits
  • Set days & hours when users are available for visits
  • Determine the length of time a scheduled visit should last
  • Specify how the system should track completed visits

Built for users who have recurring or repetitive visits, Route Planner enhances field performance for sales and service organizations so team members can spend more time making sales, nurturing relationships, and helping customers. Route Planner takes into account individuals’ schedules, visit frequency, and other data to automatically generate a schedule for trips days, weeks and even months in advance.

High-volume sales, account management and service teams use Route Planner to organize travel and visits to maximize coverage and optimize productivity.

Geopointe Route Planner - overview of optimized route UI

Route Planner helps you manage large territories ensuring your largest accounts get the attention they deserve while making sure your smaller accounts don’t slip through the cracks. Most importantly, Route Planner has the ability to seamlessly integrate with users’ Salesforce calendars for increased efficiency.

Sales and service reps need to be with their customers. Route Planner automates the scheduling work for them so they can maximize their time spent face-to-face with customers. The latest improvements to Route Planner demonstrate our ongoing commitment to providing an excellent customer experience and addressing the needs of our customers.

To read our full release notes, which include Route Planner’s multi-start/stop location functionality, click here. Also, don’t miss our previous blog on the newly-released Multi-Shape Editor.

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