Top 5 Salesforce AppExchange Apps for Field Sales and Service Teams

Salesforce AppExchange applications (app) make life easier for Salesforce users by helping them move faster and be more productive in a variety of ways. Although there are thousands of apps on Salesforce AppExchange, outside field sales and service employees are limited to the number of apps that work efficiently in the field. To make life in the field a bit easier, we’ve gathered the top five Salesforce AppExchange apps for field sales and service teams.

1. Geopointe

Geopointe gives you analytical insights that make your team more productive (We think we’re the best, we can’t help it). Sales and service users can easily plan, optimize, and manage routes, fill in last-minute meeting cancellations, and schedule regular appointments or stops with Calendar-Based Scheduling. Reps are also able to check-in and out of locations and log their meeting notes, keeping their managers updated on their activity. Furthermore, Performance Scorecard allows managers to assign individual and team goals to then empower leaders with insight into key selling behaviors like customer visits, check-ins, and opportunities and keep team members engaged with live stack rankings and personalized scorecards that update as field activities are logged in Salesforce.

2. Scan to Salesforce

Scan to Salesforce is a free app that allows users to scan up to four business cards at a time in a single photo and enter them into Salesforce. From there, they are put into a review page within Salesforce where the user can then enter them as either a contact or a lead. Additionally, users can keep the cards in the app or download them to their r phone’s contact list to make contacting customers and prospects later, easier.

3. SMS Magic Converse

SMS Magic Converse SMS Messaging for sales empowers teams to have personalized conversations with more leads, respond to questions faster and convert more business. This app allows salespeople to check-in on their prospects, confirm appointments, and send surveys all through one, simple platform. SMS messaging for customer service empowers teams to respond to requests quickly, resolve issues faster and communicate more effectively. Whether you are field sales or service, SMS messaging is the future of the industry, connecting you to your customers and prospects seamlessly.

4. Conga Composer

Conga Composer makes document generation easy and accurate by enabling users to create templates and produce consistent documents in one click. Documents can be created using any standard or custom Salesforce object. Conga Composer allows users to generate almost any kind of document including invoices, work orders, proposals, and contracts. This app is especially useful for sales and service teams out in the field to quickly get the correct documentation to their customers and prospects.

5. Get Feedback – Surveys for Salesforce

Get Feedback – Surveys for Salesforce allows users to create mobile-friendly surveys that they can automatically send after every customer interaction. The responses are then synced real-time into Salesforce. This is especially useful for field service teams as they can survey their customers on their satisfaction with their service and see how they can improve future interactions. The surveys are customizable to your brand and work seamlessly on any device and can be distributed through multiple channels such as SMS and email.

Using the five apps listed above, field sales and service teams can improve their productivity in the field. Technologies such as those listed above allow field teams to achieve maximum productivity and connectivity while in the field.

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