Geopointe Reaches 800 Reviews on Salesforce AppExchange!

We are excited to share a new AppExchange milestone for the Geopointe team, not only do we have an average 4.9 star rating, but we now have over 800 reviews on our listing!

The whole Geopointe team takes note of each review posted to our listing – no matter the star count – to ensure our customers are heard, appreciated and (when necessary) given immediate support. We know everyone has plenty on their plate so we appreciate the time our customers take to write us a review and give us the opportunity to maintain a continual conversation that helps us develop and better our solution.

We decided to take a look at our 100 most recent reviews and pick some (but definitely not all) of our favorites! We hope you enjoy these as much as we did and invite you to check out our now over 800 reviews on Salesforce AppExchange!

1. Great App & Awesome Customer Care

“From our first contact with Geopointe to our onboarding process you can tell this is a company focussed on awesome customer service – We had 2-3 conference calls so all our questions could be answered and resolved, the trial period was extended so we could finish our real-time testing, and the follow up since has been first class.

As a business Geopointe brings endless opportunities to maximize productivity and assist our sales team with planning. It also provides that Helicopter View we all need to see, so we can priorities our day, our month, our year. Discussing some of the future upgrades to come in 2019 shows Geopointe are not sitting on their hands, and that was a big factor in why we jumped onboard and became a Geopointe Family Member.

I love how it integrates with Salesforce, and in some ways it has helped our team love Salesforce a bit more and spend more time in it planning. Thanks Geopointe”

2. Great Customer Service!

“We have had Geopointe for a year and love it! We looked at other mapping solutions and this is by far the best. It offers everything we were looking for and in situations where we wished to have certain functionality, they were on top of creating that functionality and pushing it out as soon as they could. Also, Rudy is awesome!”

3. Super cool tool to draw territories in SFDC. And it’s fun!

“I’ve just started dabbling in this tool and I’m having a lot of fun. When do you have fun with territory management? Crazy hu? I’m really excited to get into it further to automatically update territory moves and pull out scenario analysis as well. So far so good and I say 5 stars!”

4. Great Product and above and beyond Customer Service

“I was checking out the Geopointe product and asked for information on the features compared to another product. Not only did the Geopointe App blow the competition away with drill down features but the price for a non profit made it affordable.

Kudos to my Rep Italo Caro…he walked me through the features and he knew his stuff to answer my “what if” questions. Very patient and helpful. We are in the process of installing and running with Geopointe.”

5. Excellent experience

“We have received great support even before acquiring Geopointe which has let us give our client an excellent experience. Today they are fascinated with tool’s ease, interface and functionality, and we look forward to continue collaborating in improving and customizing their transactions. Thank you Italo Caro, Ben Gibbs and Rudy Ornelas for your support!”

6. Best Location App Available

“This is an amazing app. I looked at a lot of different location apps on the AppExchange and this one beats all the others hand down. Very intuitive to set up and great step-by-step instructions to get me up and running. Looking forward to being able to see my data in a whole new way. Excellent customer service and my account executive, Ryan Dodge, was very helpful in getting me going.”

7. Very pleased! This will solve so many challenges for us and make sales trips much more successful!

“After knowing about this software for over a year, we finally purchased licenses for our sales staff. So far I am very excited about how this will help us solve MANY ongoing problems…from routing and appointments to finding current clients and leads and discovering new targets as well. We tried another product but it fell short in many ways and was too unreliable. Training and support has been wonderful, and the resources to learn on your own are great as well. Highly recommend!”

8. Phenomenal!

“I have to say, I wish I had a DeLorean so I could go back in time and install this a few years ago when I was still doing field sales. The functionality is phenomenal and the setup is quick, easy and very intuitive. We can’t wait to start fully leveraging this tool with our whole team. Anyone who is out there selling anything and is using Salesforce to do it should get this tool! Special thanks to both Italo and David for their help in getting us up and running!”

9. Fantastic!

“This is a fantastic app! I initially added it to my org as a simple mapping tool. Within the first week, I quickly realized how much more comes with it. And the customer service is great too! With the help of Ashna and her team, I was able to implement the tool and increase workflow ten-fold.”

10. Thank You Geo!!!

“This app allowed us to visualize the impact of our work on the community. Operationally, the geographic lens tells us how our services are being distributed in the community – helping us clearly identify the areas a biggest need, the neighborhoods were the need is being met and the neighborhoods that require more outreach. The app is also a big boost to our marketing & fundraising efforts – allowing us to make targeted appeals on the impact of our work to community, civic and government leaders.

Best of all was the ease and speed of the integration process and the ongoing technical support. We have been on the salesforce platform for 6 years and interacted with dozens of third party applications. This app was by far the best integration and support experience we have ever had. Not even close. The lead on our integration was very knowledge about the product and always accessible. She helped us navigate several unique use requirements presenting a variety of workable solutions. So much so that it felt like she was part of our team.”

11. Great App & Even Better Support!

“The GEO Map capability has completely enhanced my productivity on daily, weekly, & monthly basis. The pre-planning of routes has also attributed to improved work day efficiency. Furthermore, the support & responsiveness from our assigned account manager is more than exceptional, and I look forward to future developments within the application. Kudos to all!”

12. Brings on amazing possibilities to the instance

“We use Geopointe for two very different uses which bring incredible value to our organization. In both instances installation and setup was pretty straight-forward, and the team was very helpful and proactive. Our Account Manager reaches out proactively and whenever I’ve needed new licenses or had questions they’ve always been there for us. Even for updates we’ve never had an issue since our installation which was quite a long time ago now.”

13. Most amazing App for Map/Routing

“Where do I start, this app has it all. You can make everything simplified for yourself while you are using it to find everything you need. Geopointe has made my life a lot more easy. You would be out your mind if you don’t get this App, so do yourself and business a favor.”

14. Great tool! Definite Need

“In the retail space this has been a tremendous help for us to identify within our data while creating formal barriers in place to keep data consistent. Geopointe has been a strong use for our sales team and so easily configurable in Salesforce. Highly recommend this product.”

15. Love Geopointe!

“Several of our Territory Representative use Geopointe religiously each day. Geographic efficiency reduces drive time and gets them at least “one more call” each day… and ultimately bigger commission checks. Personally, I was excited for the release of the visual shape editor a couple years ago. It let me kick my previous geospatial analysis tool to the curb! The Geopointe team has always been very responsive and patient helping us get through the learning curve.”


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