Press Release: Geopointe Announces Mobile Workforce Management Advances in Application on Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace

Geopointe customers now benefit from enhanced tablet user experience, search along routes, sharing routes, and support for larger route optimization.
Irvine, CA, October 15, 2019 – Geopointe today announced it has updated its application for mapping, routing, analytics, and geolocation on Salesforce AppExchange, providing customers new capabilities in the core product that make it easier for mobile sales and service teams to do their job better, faster, easier and ultimately increase customer success.
Sales and service workers need technology that is easy, intuitive, and addresses their most pressing needs while in their territories and in front of customers. With Geopointe’s latest release, an enhanced tablet experience saves time by streamlining important work activities. Inspections, site visits, deliveries, account meetings, and/or sales calls in Salesforce occur with ease. Route sharing and larger route optimization improve team-based territory work. This release enables the mobile worker to spend more time delivering excellent customer experiences and less time driving and entering data. Built on the Salesforce Platform, Geopointe’s application for mapping, routing, analytics and geolocation is currently available on AppExchange.
Highlights of the latest Geopointe release include:

  • Enhanced mobile tablet experience for better productivity and efficiency
  • Improved route and folder sharing to schedule and collaborate with team members
  • Significantly improved route optimization so that teams can address larger and longer scheduled routes and work plans
  • New “Search Along Route” functionality to limit a search to an area that’s easily reachable along an existing route
  • Runs natively within Salesforce across devices with the same powerful searching, routing and scheduling capabilities whether in the office or on the road
  • Native Salesforce solution running within a customer’s own Salesforce system

More information about the release is available in Geopointe’s release webinar or in release notes on the Geopointe support website.
“Geopointe on AppExchange can deliver a productivity boost that allows a mobile sales or service professional to see more customers and provide a better experience while doing so,” according to Scott Hemmeter, CEO and founder of Geopointe. “We’ve directly addressed several important trends in mobile workforce management with this release. Coordination among larger teams, easy and intuitive access to information, and other capabilities to empower the mobile worker while in the field are all important to our customers.”
“We are excited that Geopointe is continuing to innovate their mapping, routing, and geolocation solution on AppExchange to provide better experience and success for customers,” said Woodson Martin, GM of Salesforce AppExchange. “AppExchange is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers, and we love watching our partners evolve alongside us.”
About Geopointe
Geopointe location-enables Salesforce to help you geographically visualize your accounts, contacts, opportunities or any CRM data. With Geopointe, end-users increase their efficiency and streamline processes through features such as geographic analysis, routing and optimization, territory design and management, and more. Map what matters with Geopointe.
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