Strategic Use Cases for Geopointe’s US Census Bureau Data

Strategic Use Cases for Geopointe’s US Census Bureau DataGeopointe’s Demographic Layers feature takes a library of location-based statistics provided by the US Census Bureau and makes it easily accessible from the map. For businesses using Salesforce, giving visual life to this data offers several strategic benefits. To paint a clearer picture, here are four examples of how Geopointe’s ability to map US Census Bureau data helps companies thrive.

1. Enhance Target Marketing for Campaigns

Strategic Use Cases for Geopointe’s US Census Bureau Data

For marketers, the ability to access additional information on their target audience means more bang for their advertising buck. Whether you’re launching a print marketing campaign for a mail-delivery service or creating digital ads for an e-commerce site, almost every marketing team wants better ways to define their target audiences, where they live and what they want.

Having access to the US Census Bureau Data directly from the Geopointe map provides marketing teams with a strategic tool to inform early-stage campaign planning. For example, say a professional football team wants to generate season ticket sales by promoting their brand new stadium through an email campaign. With access to the US Census Bureau data, their marketing department can immediately identify the average household income of specific neighborhoods. Using that information they can target communities with families who can afford that type of luxury purchase.

2. Inform Business Development Strategy

Strategic Use Cases for Geopointe’s US Census Bureau Data

Expanding your sales strategy into new territories requires a significant amount of financial investment. So before you fork over the money to hire new employees and purchase the necessary resources to grow, you want to be as informed as possible about the areas you’re considering building new sales territories.

With the help of visual map layers that show US Census Bureau data, businesses can quickly see data that informs their business development process. Whether they’re looking for regions with consumers that fall within a specific age range or an area with a certain percentage of residential houses, companies have an easier time researching new spots with these well-informed map layers. They’re also able to cross-compare those layers with pre-existing Salesforce data they’ve mapped in Geopointe to see which areas fall within reasonable proximity to their pre-existing sales territories. The result: a more informed and efficient sales territory strategy.

3. Hyperfocus Recruiting Efforts

Strategic Use Cases for Geopointe’s US Census Bureau Data

In recruiting, no matter who your target audience is (e.g., students, athletes, business professionals), the areas where candidates reside tend to align with their backgrounds, more or less. As such, the ability to identify those regional trends is a major process optimization for recruiters that can save their teams loads of time and money.

With Geopointe’s ability to visualize US Census Bureau data, recruiters no longer have to spend hours searching for areas with prime candidates, as that information can be found on the map. That capability makes it easier to make informed decisions as they’re planning their recruitment strategy. So, if a school makes racial diversity a recruiting priority for recruiting, they can use demographic layers to see regional diversity ratios. Then, they can use Geopointe’s Shape Library to visualize every school district in an area and cross-compare those layers with regional diversity layers. With those two visuals, they can quickly pinpoint which school districts have the diversity they’re looking for and build out a well-informed strategy.

4. Optimize Retail Ad Campaigns

Strategic Use Cases for Geopointe’s US Census Bureau Data

The digital age has changed the way retail companies operate, optimizing consumer experiences and ad placement. In fact, today many companies customize their marketing campaigns with the help of consumer data. As such, any way to better understand and leverage location-based demographics is a clear-cut win.

With the help of mappable US Census Bureau data, retail companies can quickly pinpoint location-based demographic intelligence. From there, they can cross-compare that information with their Salesforce accounts to identify the demographics in regions with accounts. With that additional intelligence, they can fine-tune their targeting efforts for future campaigns. From creating copy that resonates with a specific region’s median age or customizing coupons to align with the average income of an area, there are numerous new ways they can optimize their ads.

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