Geopointe Launches Referral Rewards Program with a Charitable Twist

Geopointe Launches Customer Referral Rewards Program with a Charitable Twist

Submit your Referrals, Receive a Reward & Give to Charity

Today is Giving Tuesday, A Global Day of Giving! As such, the time seemed perfect for Geopointe to launch its new Referral Rewards Program to help usher in a giving holiday season. For every qualified referral you submit to Geopointe, a $50 Amazon Gift Card will be sent your way. On top of that, all referrals submitted during the 2017 holiday season will provide food to those in need.

Champion a Worthy Charity

In addition to the $50 Amazon Gift Card for each referral submission, we’ll send a $50 donation in your name to Rise Against Hunger, an international nonprofit fighting to solve world hunger. Each referral that gets accepted will be matched with this charitable incentive.


According to the official Rise Against Hunger website, they are “an international hunger relief organization that distributes food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable, mobilizing the necessary resources to end hunger by 2030.” To provide further perspective, here are just a few of their humanitarian accomplishments:

  • 1,040,351 – People Served (2016)
  • 74 – Total Countries Served
  • $17.6M – Gifts Distributed (2016)
  • 362,955,535 – Total Meals Packaged

Geopointe Launches Customer Referral Rewards Program with a Charitable Twist

Our Pledge at Dreamforce 2017

As Geopointe continues to grow, we continue to strive to further our philanthropic efforts and give back to the community. This made our decision to participate in the Pledge 1% Program at Dreamforce for the second year in a row an easy one.  For every badge scanned at the Geopointe booth, a dollar was donated to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Additionally, members of the Geopointe team volunteered to help the Pledge 1% team spread awareness of the program at Dreamforce. During this season of giving, philanthropy is on our minds more than ever which is why we’re excited to extend our philanthropic efforts through the end of the year with the announcement of our Referral Rewards Program.

How to Send Referrals & Claim Rewards

To take part in the program, you must submit your referrals using our online submission form. Once submitted, we will review your referral based on the official contest guidelines. Once approved, you’ll receive an email with a $50 Amazon gift card (digital) and a $50 donation will be sent to Rise Against Hunger, in your name. If you choose, you also have the option to donate your reward as well.

Seasonal Offer Deadline

Don’t wait – the additional $50 will no longer be available once the ball drops at midnight, Jan. 1, 2018. And, if your holiday schedule gets as crazy as most, we recommend you send your referrals today, or as soon as you have a free minute. Don’t put off this chance to Rise Against Hunger!

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