How Enterprise Companies Stay Competitive Using Maps & Geolocation

The week of Dreamforce is filled with sessions, living up to its name of “The Learning Event of the Year”. If you weren’t able to make it to Dreamforce or our breakout session, How Enterprise Companies Stay Competitive Using Maps & Geolocation, we invite you to check out some of the highlights below. 
Geopointe’s CPO/Co-Founder, Scott Hemmeter, and VP of Customer Success, Sandro Viselli, were honored to be joined by Dolores Skarjune, Senior Vice President Sales Administration, at Globe Life and Joseph Harrington, NA MBU Market Development Advisor, of ExxonMobil.
What is Geolocation?
Geolocation is the art of deriving meaningful insight from location information and its relationship with operational data in order to achieve a particular goal.
Why Geolocation?
Geolocation has the ability to bring data to life and simplify the ability to act upon it. You can take a report of Opportunities’ billing state, count per state and sum of amount and turn it into a Thematic Map that is easy to absorb. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Rather than looking at rows and columns filled with data, you can see it laid out on a map to gain a true perspective of the data. 
What does Geopointe do?
Simply put, Geopointe uses Geolocation to location-enable Salesforce, allowing Customers to gain analytical insights and productivity by applying “where” to their business processes. With the addition of location intelligence to your Salesforce data you are better able to make decisions that drive productivity.
Common Use Cases
Mobile Workforce

  • Faster onboarding with visual territory analysis
  • Build a trip around around an anchor meeting
  • Route planning and mobile execution

Sales Operations

Executives & Field Management 


  • Informed venue selection
  • Demographic insights
  • Geographic list building

Globe Life
The Globe Life team came to Geopointe as they were in need of a Geolocation solution for field agents to improve the effectiveness of their sales team. Their goal was to increase productivity of each agent to increase sales with a solution that could integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, providing agents with interactive, visual representation of leads and location-based insights. They also needed a partner with a team that continually focuses on improving and enhancing their application.
Why Geopointe?

  • Met all of Globe Life’s requirements
  • Great partner relationship which has allowed Globe Life to provide feedback leading to implementation of new features
  • Seamless implementation 
  • User-friendly application that requires little training

The Results

  • More activity due to route optimization
  • Higher quality due to inspecting the routes
  • Improved agent retention
  • $500K increase in sales first year
  • Increased Salesforce adoption

When searching for a Geolocation partner, ExxonMobil had a clear list of business objectives they needed to accomplish. Their team was looking for a solution that would help them:

  • View market, prospects and customers comprehensively
  • Gain efficiency in execution 
  • Facilitate actionable learnings
  • Inform business decisions and strategies 
  • Improve data insights
  • Focus resources

Why Geopointe?

  • Improves collaboration
  • Determines ExxonMobil’s market position
  • Enhances market analysis and insights  
  • Displays specific market information 
  • Shares “real time” data 

The Results

  • ExxonMobil can better Identify early adopters
  • Geopointe incorporates changes based on ExxonMobil team’s feedback
  • Robust communications plan

To listen to our session at Dreamforce, click here. To schedule a demo to see how Geopointe might be the solution your team needs to start seeing results, click below.


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