The Geopointe Admin’s Blueprint for Guiding Sales Teams

The Geopointe Admin's Blueprint for Success: Empowering Your Sales Team

Key Geopointe Resources to Successfully Guide Your Sales Team

As an admin, you’re probably aware of Geopointe’s powerful tools and features, but the rest of your team may not be up to speed. It’s your responsibility to streamline their understanding of Geopointe and configure it to boost their productivity. And, since each team in your organization has unique job responsibilities, it’s important to provide guidance and resources specific to their workflow.

This foolproof Geopointe Admin’s Blueprint will help you know exactly which Geopointe features help make your sales team more efficient, prepared and productive.

The Geopointe Admin's Blueprint for Success: Empowering Your Sales Team

Nearby Component: Valuable Data at a Glance

  • Configure lead triggers based on their proximity to field sales reps
  • Fill in cancellations and unexpected downtime with prospect meetings
  • Look up accounts near key prospects for competitive intel & talking points

Having relevant geographic data at a glance is extremely valuable to sales reps, whether they’re in the office or in the field. With the Nearby Lightning Component, end users can immediately see a snapshot of specified records near their location (on Salesforce1) or near a specific record (on a desktop). Because it is generated from a Geopointe data set, the component can reference any mapped object and be filtered to pare down to relevant field data like industry type or revenue amount.

The Geopointe Admin's Blueprint for Success: Empowering Your Sales Team

Save Time with Record Creation

  • Configure to capture data automatically
  • Auto-fill fields with pre-set data
  • Add & update contacts with a simple tap of the map

Creating records can take a lot of clicks, and probably isn’t the best use of time for sales reps with deals to make and contracts to sign! Instead, create Record Actions to do these time-consuming tasks instantly and reduce the workload of your end users to just a couple of clicks. Important information like business name and address info will be instantly captured, leaving time for the important things, like sealing the deal.

The Geopointe Admin's Blueprint for Success: Empowering Your Sales Team

Endless Possibilities with Assignment Plans

  • Designate specific accounts and regions to individual sales reps
  • Identify accounts in zones with special rules or requirements
  • Create no-service zones

Don’t be misled by its simple name; the Assignment Plan feature is a robust feature with a plethora of applications. With more flexibility and precision than Salesforce’s native Territory Management function, Geopointe lets you visually create your areas on the map. You can use these areas to designate special business processes, assign sales reps and more.

The Geopointe Admin's Blueprint for Success: Empowering Your Sales Team

Make Your Maps More User-Friendly

  • Set a default starting map location based on office location(s)
  • Use check-in & out feature to monitor procedural adherence
  • Customize to meet sales-specific needs and responsibilities

Help your sales teams streamline their processes by configuring default map settings in the User Settings tab of Geopointe Setup. Defaults can be applied to selected groups of users in one fell swoop, supporting the specific needs of each team. Although end users can change their personal settings on the map screen, this feature empowers you to maintain departmental standards and reduce the learning curve for new users.

The Geopointe Admin's Blueprint for Success: Empowering Your Sales Team

Monitor Sales Reps With Check-Ins

  • Quickly log important notes from sales calls
  • Keep sales managers up-to-date on progress in the field
  • Optimize workflows with automated event triggers

Monitoring the activities of field sales reps can be a challenge, but Geopointe makes it effortless with the check-in & out feature. Sales reps can quickly log their arrivals at appointments and meetings by simply tapping or clicking a button. These activities can be tracked and analyzed by managers using the check-in object in Salesforce. It can be configured to include whichever fields and information sales managers want to see. Not only will this help keep your sales reps efficient, it will be a valuable tool for the entire team.

Are you a Geopointe Admin looking for helpful resources to assist your team? Follow the link below for more role-specific tips and tricks!

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