Midwest Dreamin’ 2017: Geopointe Becomes a Gold Sponsor

Midwest Dreamin' 2017: Geopointe Becomes a Gold Sponsor

Chicagoland’s Community-first Salesforce Event |  #MWD17

Midwest Dreamin’ 2017 is near, and anticipation is sky-high for this annual gathering of passionate Salesforce professionals! Created and organized by leaders in the Salesforce community, this event has become renowned for providing an intimate experience unlike any other of its kind.

About the Event

Midwest Dreamin’ is an event put on for the Salesforce community, by the Salesforce community to facilitate learning and collaboration. The entire schedule of sessions is laden with talented professionals from the Salesforce community, including Salesforce MVPs, industry-leading experts and even a few prominent Salesforce executives.

Hear from Industry Experts

With wide-ranging topics for users, admins and developers, the event will bring all Salesforce users up to speed on the best practices being utilized in various professional fields. And, with prominent Keynote Speakers, such as Salesforce.com VP of Strategic Research, Peter Coffee, some of that advice will be coming straight from Salesforce HQ.

Join a Warm ‘Windy City’ Group

What’s more, despite the high-end names, this event is actually about as low-key as they come! Ask any Midwest Dreamin’ veteran and they’ll tell you, the entire two-day event has a unique warmth to it, something Geopointe Account Executive, Paul Young confirmed saying, “it is by far the friendliest event I’ve ever attended.”

Meet the Team!

Stop by our booth to say hi to our team and learn about Geopointe and location data for Salesforce! We’ll walk you through how it works, who we’ve worked with and, if you’re up for it, discuss the wide-range of use cases for mapping to drive your business’ bottom-line.

Start & End Times (and Prizes!)

The event schedule will officially begin Thursday, Aug. 10 at 8:45 a.m. and conclude at noon Friday afternoon. But, be sure to stay through the last Keynote for your chance to win a special prize!

Interested in attending, but still don’t have a ticket? Sign up before they sell out using the link below!


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