Doctolib Boosts Sales Efficiency with Geopointe

Doctolib aims to improve the daily life of health professionals and patients. For patients, finding a practitioner near them and making an appointment with a few clicks has never been easier. For healthcare professionals, Doctolib is the first comprehensive medical appointment and patient development service. Doctolib’s goal is to become Europe’s number 1 booking platform management software provider for doctors and Geopointe is proud to be working alongside their team to help them achieve their goals.

The Challenge

Doctolib’s sales team lacked the ability to create optimized routes and identify nearby accounts to effectively prospect and be productive in the field.

The Solution

With Geopointe, Doctolib’s sales team is able to plan their travel, and reduce commute time giving the team a better, more effective approach to prospecting. Also, being able to locate accounts nearby, enabled reps to name drop nearby flagship customers and fill in meeting cancellations, ultimately boosting their overall sales efficiency.

Salesforce Customer Spotlight

In the infographic below, Salesforce highlighted Dotoblib and the ROI achieved using Geopointe, the top rated geolocation solution on AppExchange.

Doctolib Boosts Sales Efficiency with Geopointe

Visit Geopointe’s website or view more customer success stories to learn how you can use Geopointe’s native Salesforce integration to improve efficiencies and boost productivity.

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