Managing Your Travel Logistics with Salesforce

Route optimization and travel logistics are difficult to manage for Salesforce users always on the go, but Salesforce’s robust calendar and event system, geo-enabled with Geopointe’s routing feature, provide all the tools necessary to manage your travel needs.

Create a Calendar with Salesforce Events

Events in Salesforce make up the basic structure for an efficiently scheduled day. For those unfamiliar with Salesforce events, think of them as scheduled blocks of time on the calendar which can occur once or on a recurring basis. On the “home” tab, the calendar shows upcoming events and includes a “new event” button to easily create a new event.

Salesforce Event | Travel Logistics| Geopointe

Events can also be created directly from Accounts, Contacts, etc. with the “new event” button under “upcoming activities.” Note that events can be related to specific records and the “upcoming activities” section shows events related to a record. 

Integrating Geopointe for Route Optimization

Since Salesforce links your events to businesses and customers with physical locations, Geopointe can use this data to build routes to help you manage your travel logistics. Geopointe can easily convert a daily event or such as your meeting schedule, into a mapped route. All you have to do is click “new route” within Geopointe and click on the calendar icon. Any date or date range can be selected and then imported into a route in Geopointe. Your events will show up on the map and be joined by a mapped route which includes estimated arrival times at each location.

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If it’s unlikely that you’ll make it to a scheduled event in time, Geopointe will recognize this and will highlight the event in red so that it may be rescheduled to better fit the time constraints. Similarly, large gaps of an hour or more between stops are marked and can be filled with perhaps another customer meeting or a planned break. The feedback from both the mapped route and schedule conflicts allows you to easily analyze and tackle your daily travel activities.

The combination of Salesforce calendar data with Geopointe scheduled routes creates a powerful solution for optimizing your day.

Take a look at Geopointe’s features page for more information how to optimize your travel days.

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