3 Road Challenges You Can Avoid When Going Mobile with Salesforce

If you’re a frequent traveler, you find yourself constantly dealing with road challenges, whether it be a street closure or canceled meeting you rushed to. In order to help you be more efficient on the road, we’ve outline 3 of the most common road challenges and how Geopointe’s Salesforce1 integration can you help overcome these obstacles.

  1. Traffic and Road Closures: We’ve all been in that horrible situation — you’re in a rush and you encounter a street closure or road block which throws you off schedule. Worry no more. Geopointe’s integration with Salesforce1 pulls live data from Google Maps. This means you can readjust your Salesforce route to ensure you’re taking the most efficient route to your destination. Never get stuck in unexpected traffic or road closures again. Learn more about Geopointe’s route optimization features here.
  2. Appointment Cancellations: You just rushed to get to a meeting and put your car in park, only to receive a last-minute cancellation call. Cancellations like this happen all the time and throw a wrench into your schedule. You can patch them up with Geopointe. Geopointe’s Search Nearby Feature helps you locate Salesforce accounts or contacts near your physical location right from your mobile device. Make an impromptu visit with a client or prospect to fill in your now empty time slot and make the most of your time. Who knows, it might turn into something great!

  3. Getting Lost: Looking for a lunch spot while you’re on the road but scared to veer off course? Veer freely with Geopointe. Geopointe pulls live data from Google Maps to help you stay in the know and avoid getting lost. Not only will Geopointe allow you to perform geographic searches to find locations (such as restaurants) near you, Geopointe will adjust your route accordingly to keep you on track as well. Stay efficient on the road with Geopointe.

Geopointe runs right inside Salesforce providing users easy access to all of their must-have Salesforce data while on the road. With Geopointe’s integration with Google Maps, users can take advantage of all the added benefits provided by one of the leading mapping platforms available so they can avoid road challenges and stay efficient while they travel.

Interested in learning more? Watch this 90-second video to learn more about Geopointe.


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