Salesforce Data Without Maps is a Scary Thought

We’ve all heard the old adage time is money, and for sale reps, road warriors, service providers,  marketing teams, and so many others, this couldn’t be more true. Although we’ve all had those days when we think “if only there were more hours in the day” or “where did the day go”, time is not a renewable resource and we have to work with the time we have and make it the most productive we can.

Using Salesforce is a good jump start to organizing your business and laying a foundation for a productive workforce. It stores all of your accounts, contacts and lead data, and lets face it, your business without Salesforce is a scary thought. But when it comes to getting more out of each and every day, you need insights and analytics – GEO-analytics. Just think of the possibilities if you had geographic insights for your data!

Quickly create a route for your upcoming meetings and optimize your route with the press of a button.

Have a last minute meeting cancel and want to use your mobile device to quickly find an account nearby to fill the time, no problem.

Need to search for accounts near a specific location, such as your office, a warehouse, or distribution center? Easy!

Search for nearby accounts and name drop happy customers on phone calls. It can help increase call conversions by 50%.

Obtain a geographic view of your market share, won opportunities by revenue, hot leads by company size, the sky is the limit!

Save time by using the check-in and check-out function on Salesforce1 and log all your meeting notes right away while they are fresh on your mind.

The inability to geographically analyze your data and create a cool territory map such as this one organized by Account status is a scary thought! An even scarier thought – I haven’t even scratched the surface of what you can do with a solution like this. Take a look Geopointe on the Salesforce AppExchange. It is the #1 geo-location application on the AppExchange, offering a 15-day free trial for an unlimited number or users. We promise, there is nothing scary about it.

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