The Call to Action: How Geopointe Clarifies Your Next Move

The Call To Action - How Geopointe Clarifies Your Next Move

The amount of data you work with each and every day continues to grow in size. Because of this, it is just as challenging to figure out your immediate tasks as it is to plan for future ones. 

There’s a simple solution to this problem, and it doesn’t involve spending more time on administrative work. No, it doesn’t involve another spreadsheet either. 

The answer is Geopointe. 

Geopointe clarifies your call to action. Powerful CRM data visualization from a geographic perspective allows you to know exactly what you should be doing now, and next.

Narrowing Your Focus with Geoanalytics

Having a clear picture of what you need to do is all about narrowing your focus. You do this with Geopointe by using a variety of data visualization techniques to guide you. 

Heat maps are one way to figure out exactly what, and who, you need to be focusing your time on. With heat maps, you can locate where the majority of your opportunities are coming from in a way that puts emphasis on the locations/territories, industries, or even lead sources that are performing the best as a way to better target your efforts.

geopointe call to action, heat map

Similarly, Geopointe’s Thematic Maps can solidify your next move. With just a few clicks, you can visualize your data using geographic boundaries based on criteria like ARR, record count, or other important numeric values. Visualizing data this way removes the confusion and effort that comes with lists and spreadsheets. 

You no longer have to suffer through an overwhelming amount of information in front of your eyes while also having to figure out what it all means. The map helps you do that. 

Uncovering trends and hidden insights is only possible with some form of visualization, and Geopointe’s geographic perspective adds the context needed to structure time and, ultimately, success.

Take Action Now

Once you have a clear idea of where you need to be targeting your efforts using Geopointe’s powerful filtering and layering capabilities, it’s time to take real action. 

Actions like exporting, adding to a campaign, and creating leads are among some of the things you can do directly from the map. The concept is designed to be flexible to meet you wherever you’re at — whether that be through launching your own custom process or integrating with an existing one. 

Take Action Later

It might seem silly to think about the future when we’re discussing clear calls to action for the present. But you know better than anyone that planning is actually a big part of the present. 

With proper sales mapping capabilities, you can optimize travel plans based on the accounts you plan to visit. Thanks to the map telling you exactly who you need to talk to (accounts you haven’t connected with in a while, for example), you can build out a plan. 

Geopointe then does the heavy lifting once again by optimizing your route for efficiency. The route can be managed and changed on the fly if certain accounts need to be visited at a specific time of day. 

Mapping your data makes priorities crystal clear in a way that would be impossible using spreadsheets. This knowledge empowers you to take the right action.

geopointe call to action, routing optimization

No More Secrets, No More Wasted Time

Knowing exactly what to do and when to do it is a very powerful skill to possess in business. Obtaining that knowledge without having your time robbed by administrative tasks and endless spreadsheets is even more powerful. 

Geopointe provides you with both. 

Your data reveals itself using Geopointe — there is no guesswork, there are no secrets. With this power, you will always know exactly what you should be doing.

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