How Your Organization Can Be More Eco-Friendly– And How Geopointe Helps

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to consumers to be buying sustainable, earth-friendly products. As an organization, it’s vital that you start to make changes because your customers are paying attention and making their business decisions based on your energy footprint. 

Although as a society we have made tremendous strides in becoming more eco-friendly, many businesses still don’t know where to start when it comes to adjusting their business practices to help the earth. 

Some organizations have even gone as far as to ask us how Geopointe can help their business be more eco-friendly. Below is a list of some easy ways you can shift your organization’s day-to-day operations to become more environmentally sustainable. 

Reduce and Optimize Travel

Using Geopointe to optimize your routes saves resources and reduces travel impact on the environment. With Route Optimization, you can minimize your time on the road by selecting the most efficient route with the least amount of traffic, closed roads, tolls, and more. 

Comparably, Route Planner supports teams that make regular visits by getting them into a cadence based on the most advantageous way. This gives balance between getting your team in front of people and minimizing time spent driving.  

For those who want to figure out how to reduce travel while finding a way to manage your book of business, you’ll want to use Geopointe to understand your territory first. By using proximity searching, you can figure out how to see more people when you are traveling and find the best spots to host dinners and events that require the least amount of driving for all attendees. 

Make Better Decisions About Who to Hire

If you’ve been in the sales game long enough, you’re familiar with the myth that hiring in big cities is the best way to maximize territory coverage. This is not only false, but it leads to your customers being forgotten about, as well as huge wastes in gas, time, and productivity. 

Geopointe helps you make better decisions about new hires, giving you the ability to visualize data to better understand gaps in your territory coverage. 

Prior to the use of location analysis, when hiring someone for the Illinois territory, an organization would hire most new field reps in the Chicago area. With Chicago being the biggest city in this specific territory, it might have made sense in the past. However, using Geopointe, you can visualize business needs to make smarter hiring decisions. If you already have a lot of field reps in Chicago and Milwaukee, you might choose to hire someone in Kenosha, so they can serve both areas without flying and using extra resources. 

Be More Conscious of Travel Patterns

When using Geopointe, it’s much easier to visualize your accounts by activity to decide which team members handle which accounts. You can assign smaller accounts, or accounts with less activity to your inside sales team and reserve the larger customers for your field reps. This eliminates unnecessary travel while guaranteeing your accounts are receiving the right amount of attention. 

Utilize Geopointe’s Mobile Capabilities 

Using Geopointe on Salesforce Mobile while out in the field adds an additional level of eco-efficiency by reducing the dependency on paper, notebooks, printout directions and paper maps. 

When using Geopointe on your mobile device, you don’t need to stop and pull over to figure out where to go next—Geopointe helps you route and execute your whole day. 

Geopointe Check-In and Check-Out

The reality is that most organizations and their individual contributors don’t even understand their environmental impact. Using Geopointe’s check-in summaries to help you report on the duration and length of routes, you can begin to understand how much driving you are doing as a rep. Leaders can also use these check-in summaries to understand how many resources are being used for travel.

Push your Organization to Become More Eco-Friendly

We know making eco-friendly shifts can cost a lot of money, but Geopointe helps you be environmentally friendly and saves you money—a true win-win. Reducing flying and driving is great for the earth, and your wallet. 

When thinking about how to reduce your impact and become more eco-friendly, you must walk before you can run. To help, we like to think of it as a three-tier maturity model: 

  1. Start at the first level and begin to reflect on reporting around travel and other common resources being used. 
  2. The next level is when you reflect on where field reps can travel less and decrease the time spent in a car.
  3. Finally, leaders and others in operations roles can begin to make impactful, big picture changes around hiring and office locations. 

If you are reading this blog, the fact that you are considering reducing your environmental impact means you are one step closer to becoming more eco-friendly. And, to be fair, if you are using Geopointe’s full functionality right now, you’re already saving time and resources automatically. Simply implementing Geopointe helps you be more eco-friendly.

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