Healthcare Forced to Make Executive Decisions

As an Executive in the Healthcare industry, your team is not only looking to you for leadership but to improve their experience as they navigate the “new normal”. It’s all about changing your mindset. Everyone still has a job to do, most of us are just doing it remotely now. In the midst of re-evaluating their tech stacks, our customers have opted to find new ways to use Geopointe to improve their team and patient efficiency. 

With the Healthcare industry in overdrive, patient efficiency has become increasingly more important. With limited resources, and in most cases, limited travel guidelines, our customers are using Geopointe to support their patient-first mindset through an already difficult time. 

Patient Efficiency

The Healthcare industry has been challenged to get creative with their patients, customers, and employees. Most patient care facilities are only treating those with emergencies, while field reps are struggling to meet with their customers and deliver supplies. The questions Leaders have been forced to answer are, “How do we do more with fewer resources?” and “How do you still provide a good patient/customer experience with fewer resources?” 

To start, there’s a new emphasis on scheduling effectively and understanding inefficiencies earlier on. Using Geographic Searching on the map, you can see what locations are open or closed, who’s accepting new patients, what services are currently being offered, and more. For example, some Healthcare specialists are using technology for virtual, non-emergency appointments only. In some dentists’ offices, hygienists aren’t giving cleanings and only emergency appointments are being scheduled. And in some cases, offices are being closed indefinitely. 

Being able to search nearby is helpful for locating specific places based on criteria, but if you wanted to get a better idea of demographics, or discover how COVID-19 is affecting a specific area, adding additional layers to the map will help you visualize what is available and how to best serve your customer or patient base. 

The data Healthcare companies can store is limited, and we all know how challenging it can be to import and clean your Salesforce data. Geopointe allows you to import CSV files when you’d like to map your data, but don’t necessarily want to bog down your CRM. This feature has been a game-changer for one hospital in the United States using Geopointe. With monthly lead imports and ever-changing data, they needed a solution that could map it all, including what wasn’t stored in Salesforce. 

As for how to ensure, with restrictions, that your team is still able to provide the best service to your prospects and customers, our best advice is to encourage more collaboration between the inside and outside sales teams. Your outside reps can’t reach everyone, and in some cases, they aren’t traveling at all. It’s a great time to reevaluate your territories and visualize the distribution of leads. 

At a Healthcare software company, Executives are using Geopointe to help determine which team handles which accounts based on priority of accounts and travel restrictions. If a field rep can’t reach a customer, an inside sales representative will handle that lead for the time being. 

Executive Use Cases

Although we are only a couple of months into this year, most Executives have accepted that we might not be able to travel as frequently as we used to until 2022. Regardless, everyone still has a job to do, and for the Healthcare industry, that job is more important than ever. As an Executive, you have to be able to lead by example and help your team adapt to the new remote landscape. Here are some of the top ways Executives are using Geopointe: 

Territory Management

If you’re an Executive in any industry, last year probably led you to make some big territory changes. Although some teams got bigger and some got smaller, finding a way to optimize territories is likely still a top priority. Using Geopointe to create and manage these territories will not only save you time but also helps ensure that these changes can happen quickly. 

Territory changes can be stressful for your sales team. With Geopointe, you can build territories and see the immediate changes under the roll-up summaries to understand how it will affect your team and the possible strain it could put on your resources. Again, with Patient/Customer efficiency in mind, territory changes need to make sense and having the data to support your changes gives your team more peace of mind. Once these changes have been made, you can easily change ownership of the accounts to fit the correct new person in this territory. 

Data Visualization and Heat Mapping

Right now is also the perfect time to reflect on your team’s activity using the Geopointe map. Although productivity might have been down last year, with the customer/patient-first mindset moving forward, it’s realistic for you to expect your team to get back on track this year. Using Geopointe to visualize accounts by last activity is beneficial in understanding how your team is performing, where you might need to hire, and where to best target efforts. 

A medical device company is using Geopointe to keep track and visualize sales activities to ensure they are hitting their routine check-in’s every 60 or 90 days. The sales team is able to quickly visualize on the map which doctors’ offices they still need to visit. Their team is also utilizing Calendar-Based Scheduling.  Whether they are traveling or not, it’s a great way to ensure they are hitting their routine visits and takes the complication out of building their schedules. This has also been crucial for the Executive team to be able to monitor activity while everyone is spread out. 

Adapting Geopointe’s Use Cases

Your team now has time to strategize differently than they did before. Prior to the pandemic, your field team probably spent most of their time in the car traveling, but now, your team finds themselves at home with more time on their hands. This is where researching with Geopointe comes in. 

A Healthcare network previously used Geopointe for a common routing use case. Cue the pandemic and they were left with many unclaimed licenses. A new team took on these licenses and now are using Geopointe to help their patients find the very best care close by. They put out a radius of their patients by geography and use doctor ratings obtained through Geopointe’s Google Places integration to find doctors based on specific criteria such as type of doctor, rating, closest doctor with the best rating, etc. 

A dental network originally installed Geopointe to map dental hygienists for recruiting purposes as they were growing fast and constantly hiring. Now, they’re using CSV Import to map their competition in order to expand their client base. They’re specifically targeting offices with dentists near retirement with the assumption that those patients will need to find a new dentist once that time comes. 

Another patient care network uses Geopointe to help their patients find doctors based on their specific needs. They are able to prevent their patients traveling far or going to a facility that doesn’t have the services they need. Using the thematic mapping feature, they are able to quickly find specific specialty doctors by ZIP code or county.   

Is the Healthcare Industry Changed Forever?

The short answer is no, but asking anyone in this industry to go somewhere is asking for a lot more now. Although field reps are eager to get back out into the field, you should encourage them to strategize first and act second. 

We are seeing many Executives now hold their team to a different standard when it comes to negotiating and utilizing resources. These teams are being urged to spend more time strategizing, often using Geopointe to support their claims when it comes to a need for traveling, expanding headcounts, changing marketing efforts, and more. 

As an Executive, motivate your team to shift their perspective on how they best connect with their prospects. The best part about being a field rep is the face-to-face interaction you get with your customers, but personalization no longer means having to take doctors out to lunches, or bringing coffee into an office. It means knowing where your customers are located, how the weather is affecting them, what their COVID statistics are at, and overall what’s important to them. 

As the Healthcare industry continues to expand, change, and adapt, employees are looking to their leadership for resources and support. With a common focus of a patient-first mentality, being able to take action on your Salesforce data while visualizing and searching it on a map only ramps up patient efficiency. 

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