Increase Sales Using Geolocation Technology

Increase Sales Using Geolocation TechnologyNo matter what time of year it is: beginning of the year, beginning of the quarter, end of the quarter, sales teams should always be on the lookout for ways they can improve their processes and, as a result, improve their sales.

Anyone who’s tried to navigate their way through the Salesforce AppExchange is well aware of the MANY tools available to help sales teams. One category you should be looking into is “geolocation” and how it can benefit not just your sales team, but teams across your whole enterprise.

When searching for a geolocation application there are a few key elements to keep a lookout for to help you Plan, Act and Analyze your sales process.


Identify the Best Regions to Target

Finding the right area or region to target is a key component to your team’s success in sales. Whether it’s the region most populated with your target demographic or it’s the region with the highest amount of potential annual recurring revenue (ARR). Geolocation data solutions can help simplify this process.

Having access to visualization tools will provide you the in-depth ability to complete geographic searches and analyze your pre-existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data. Rather than pulling multiple reports and spreadsheets, you can use something like a heatmap feature to identify the region with highest population of the factor you are targeting.

This is a feature that can also be utilized by higher education institutions to help with recruitment efforts. For example, a mapping tool would allow recruiters to visualize the school districts where they’re considering sending their teams to find prospective students. Recruiters can create a search for students who meet their institution’s prerequisites within those boundaries using pre-existing CRM data.

The result would be a map showing which school districts have the most ideal prospects to send to admissions, and which have the least. The recruiters can then better plan their recruitment efforts early in the process by eliminating school districts with fewer opportunities.



Streamline Trips with Optimized Routes

Those of you who are field sales team road warriors know the importance and value of planning out your trips and routes. Heading out on the road without an optimized route can result in unnecessary backtracking and/or missed opportunities with customers or a prospect.

Having the ability to plan, build and execute your travel plans – built from the mappable data (Salesforce, Google or any address) you already have – can be just the tool you need to increase your business.  

Geolocation tools with routing features are ideal for scheduling your routes days, weeks or months in advance. Plus, using a tool that integrates with your CRM, like Salesforce, will eliminate the tedious task of going back and forth between applications to type in the information needed to create a route in a separate mapping tool.

Another feature to be on the lookout for is mobile readiness. You need to ensure your driving directions are handy once it’s time to hit the road and, ideally, your data and route will be housed in one application. This will, again, eliminate the need to switch back and forth between applications to get the information you need.

Optimize Customer Service & Account Management

As we all know, your ability to succeed in sales is dependent upon your ability to provide a quality customer service experience. Therefore, any chance to improve upon your customer service process is a chance to improve your sales potential.

Being able to work quickly and efficiently is one way to improve you and your team’s customer service skills.

Having the ability to complete a search of your Salesforce® records and make a mass update with a simple click of a button can not only reduce the amount of time spent on one customer (opening up opportunities for others) but also cuts down on the time the customer has to wait on you, and everyone loves getting a little time back in their day.

Geolocation tools can also provide opportunities to streamline processes for your customer-facing teams by making the data they need visible and actionable from a map. Say you have an entire territory that is now going to be managed by a new sales rep. Rather than having to go into each contact record to make that update, geolocation tools can make mass updates to entire territories with just a couple of clicks.



Paint the Big Picture

You planned out what regions hold the most potential, you cut down on drive time by optimizing your routes, your customer service is on point but did you see any improvements anywhere? You could run a report in your CRM to see if number changed anywhere, you could run another report to see record counts changed and you could run a report to see how many opportunities you and your team closed this quarter and then you can sort these reports to find out how the regions you were targeting actually did.

Or, instead, you could see the big picture using thematic maps. With a few clicks you can take pertinent data sets, visualize them and make them easily accessible for strategic planning. By rolling up metrics such as record count, dollar amount or won opportunities using defined geographic boundaries (like those targeted regions you already identified), you can easily see where there were changes and drill down from there to see the specific areas that changed.

Adding a geolocation application to your toolset can greatly improve your sales process, however, research is key when looking for any application for your team. Make sure the application you end up purchasing will provide the most benefit to your sales team.

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