Press Release: Calendar-Based Scheduling Now Available for Geopointe on Salesforce AppExchange

New core product functionality to further improve mobile workforce productivity
Irvine, CA, July 1, 2019 – Geopointe, a leading provider of geolocation solutions for Salesforce, announced today it has added Calendar-Based Scheduling as core functionality to the Geopointe application available on Salesforce AppExchange.  These new capabilities can further improve productivity for mobile sales and service workers and ultimately increase customer success. 
Mobile sales and service workers live by their calendars in order to see as many customers and prospects as possible in the shortest amount of time.  With Calendar-Based Scheduling, Geopointe customers can manage sales calls, inspections, site visits, deliveries, account planning meetings, and work orders within Salesforce with ease. The focus for this release is to utilize the calendar as the focal point for planning and routing so our customers can spend more time delivering excellent experiences for their prospects and customers and less time driving, clicking, and typing.
Built on the Salesforce Platform, Geopointe is currently available on AppExchange. More information about the June 2019 release is available in Geopointe’s release webinar or in release notes on the Geopointe support website.
“Our ongoing commitment to Salesforce and AppExchange is demonstrated with this release as we continue to deliver capabilities that drive business value for our shared customers,” said Scott Hemmeter, CEO and founder of Geopointe. “Users are far more productive now that they combine the ‘who’ from CRM, the ‘where’ from geolocation, and the ‘when’ of Calendar-Based Scheduling into a single powerful app on the desktop or mobile device.”
The June 2019 Geopointe release is now available and includes:

  • Geographic view of any user’s calendar, via desktop or mobile, and the previously scheduled routes for that day, week, or month
  • Support for the Salesforce calendar or any other Salesforce object for which data can be presented in a calendar view
  • Real-time warnings when a travel schedule cannot be met due to travel time between stops
  • Ability to take action on each calendar item via Geopointe’s Actions Framework
  • Runs natively within the Salesforce mobile app with the same powerful calendar-driven capabilities in the office or on the road
  • Ability to manage other users’ calendars, while respecting Salesforce permissions, for managers and other team members who assist the field teams

We are excited that Geopointe is continuing to innovate on AppExchange by helping mobile sales and service users be more productive and by providing actionable insight for managers and executives,” said Woodson Martin, GM of Salesforce AppExchange. “AppExchange is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers, and we love watching our partners evolve alongside us.”
About Geopointe
Geopointe location-enables Salesforce to help you geographically visualize your accounts, contacts, opportunities or any CRM data. With Geopointe, end-users increase their efficiency and streamline processes through features such as geographic analysis, routing and optimization, territory design and management, and more. Map what matters with Geopointe.
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