5 Go-to Dreamforce Resources to Help You Stay in the Know

5 Go-to Dreamforce® Resources to Help You Stay in the Know

The Road to Dreamforce: Key Resources

Whether you’re attending in person or tuning in remotely, reliable information is an integral part of planning out your trip. Here are 5 key Dreamforce 2017 resources to help you stay in the know:

5 Go-to Dreamforce™ Resources to Help You Stay in the Know

1. Event Schedule

Audience: Live Attendees & Online Audience

Dreamforce 2017,  gives you inspiration and knowledge from countless industry experts. But, with so many available options it’s important to plan ahead to make sure you set aside time for key events. Dive into the event schedule to explore the entire event agenda and select the very best opportunities for you and your career! It’s regularly updated, so keep checking back for agenda updates.


2. Conference Expo

Audience: Live Attendees

From one side to the other, the conference floor will never cease to entertain, educate and inspire you to expand your horizons. But, with so much to see and learn, it can be a bit overwhelming. Plan ahead and make a list of solutions you want to learn more about so you don’t get sidetracked come event time.


5 Go-to Dreamforce™ Resources to Help You Stay in the Know

3. Live Learning Sessions

Audience: Live Attendees

Known as The Learning Event of the Year, one look at the learning session line-up and you realize the title is anything but hyperbolic. No, your options actually begin 3-days before the conference even kicks off, as you can take part in pre-event training. With over 2,700 live sessions, there’s a lesson plan for every person in attendance, regardless of their industry. Plan how you want to grow, connect and earn Trailhead badges with this key resource!


4. Blazing Trails Podcast

Audience: Live Attendees & Online Audience

If you’re a podcast listener, you know how enriching listening to a good discussion on an important topic can be throughout your day-to-day grind. So, naturally, the Blazing Trails Podcast is a great way to regularly put the “Oh” in “Ohana.” Tune in at least once as you ramp up your event preparations and see if it hits home. If nothing else, you’re sure to get some valuable insights directly from Salesforce® team members!


5 Go-to Dreamforce™ Resources to Help You Stay in the Know

5. Geopointe.com

Audience: Live Attendees & Online Audience #DF17

We’re all in on Dreamforce 2017 at Geopointe! And, as an app that was built on the Salesforce® ecosystem, we’re always paying attention to the biggest happenings in the Ohana community! So, naturally, between this year’s biggest developments and our commitment to our community, we have plenty of pertinent knowledge to share with you. We also have a big announcement to make this year! Follow the Official Geopointe Dreamforce page for the latest updates from our team.

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