Geopointe Reaches 500 Reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange!

Geopointe Reaches 500 Reviews in the Salesforce App Exchange!

The Road to 500 Reviews (and, a few Favorites!)

It’s, 6:52 a.m. at Geopointe Headquarters and something big has just happened for this once small startup – “Geopointe now has OVER 500 reviews,” Technical Support Rep, Kyle Waller announces to the entire company via Slack, the messaging app. The announcement is met with a wave of celebratory emojis from ecstatic new employees and proud vets alike. For the Geopointe team, it’s more than just a business goal, it’s a direct reflection of our company’s fast growth and the customer-focused culture that helped drive it.

Every review posted to Geopointe’s Salesforce AppExchange listing gets the attention of our team – no matter the star count – we want to make sure our customers are heard, appreciated and (when necessary) given immediate support. The way we see it, keeping a consistent dialogue with our community is a big part of what has helped us earn a spot on Inc. 5000’s list of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies and garner over 500 reviews with a 5-star average rating on the Salesforce AppExchange –  something fewer than 10 companies can claim.

So, to celebrate this half-millennia milestone with you – our loyal community – here are nine of our favorite Salesforce AppExchange reviews:

1. Love from the Marketers

Geopointe Reaches 500 Reviews in the Salesforce App Exchange! - 1

2. Developer Friendly? Here, here!

3. Putting the ‘Customer’ in ‘Customer Service’

4. Support Videos for Days!

5. One User, Two Companies

6. Territory Management at its Finest

7. Quick (like a cat) Support!

8. The Words ‘Reliable & Intelligent’ Really Resonate

9. Far & Away? Good Sir, You’re Too Kind

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