Financial Services Prepares to Get Back to Business

When the pandemic first struck, the financial concerns were top of mind for many organizations, as well as individuals. The pandemic and its potential impact triggered people to respond similarly to how they responded to the 2008 economic crisis. 

However, this time things are different. Today’s financial system is far more resilient, we are more prepared, and our economy is stronger. 

Despite all the monumental changes felt throughout the world, the Financial Services industry has managed to persevere through this time period. As for our customers in this space, organizations using Geopointe are making the decision to refine their processes while they wait to get back to business – or back out into the field. 

The Financial Services industry has been at the forefront of the idea that a CRM is essential to your business. Technology is woven through everything this industry executes, so convincing a tech-savvy sales team in Financial Services of the value of a solution like Geopointe wasn’t too hard of a task. If you’re in this industry, the high value is clear pretty immediately, as it frees up a lot of time you use to plan, route, and execute your days. 

Now is not the time to slow down on your activity. Even though you aren’t traveling, you need to continue calling, and you should continue to learn about your prospects and customers, as well as getting to know your territory better. 

Being an industry that was less impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Financial Services is using Geopointe to address neglected admin work, plan for future travel, and create targeted campaigns. It’s not a matter of “if” they get to travel again, but “when,” and these teams are preparing for a successful turn of events in 2021. 

Reconciling Your Salesforce

While travel is on pause, you should take this time to review your administrative work and check off those tasks you’ve been letting slide. A great place to start is by cleaning up your Salesforce data. Since you aren’t traveling, you now have more time than ever to log your activity, update addresses, add competitor information, and more. 

By virtue of adopting technology so early on, as a Financial Services user, you most likely already have a lot of great Salesforce data: years of transactions, lots of historical activity, and endless contacts to reach out to. With Geopointe, you can do more with this historical data from an analytical perspective

Just because you aren’t traveling, it doesn’t mean you should go silent on your customers and prospects. Continue to prospect as if you were out in your territory, and call on these contacts by phone to create good habits for when you are able to get back out into the field. Your customers will appreciate your communication and effort in nurturing the relationship. Then, when it comes time to travel again, the relationship is already in a great place and you aren’t stuck starting over again. 

Traveling and Territory Exploration

Traveling and territory exploration are some of the main use cases for the Financial Services industry. And although travel restrictions are still in place throughout the world, depending on where you’re located, you might already be back into the field. Using Geopointe to plan and execute your day gives you time back to focus on serving your customers and understanding their financial needs. 

If you aren’t already back in the field, explore your territory virtually. Our multiple search types and filtering options make it easier for your data to tell a story instantly, something you can’t get out of a Salesforce report or list view. Geopointe also makes your data actionable, giving you the freedom to work directly from the map. 

The following are some examples of how our customers in the Financial Services industry are currently using our solution. 

A point-of-sale company is using intricate data sets in Geopointe to identify their target customer. Using Geopointe, they visualize if locations do or do not have a POS system currently in place, if they’ve already been contacted by the company, and more. They also manage their territories through hand-drawn shapes, which allows field reps to own territories that aren’t classically built through ZIP codes, county lines, etc. 

A capital management company visualizes their data by layering heat maps and weighing them by investment amount (in dollars). Visualizing this data helps them see where their largest investments are located, allowing them to nurture their more prosperous locations and customers. They have three different teams using Geopointe: Sales, Marketing, and Operations, and all three teams use data visualization to better understand, target, and serve customers and prospects. 

An insurance company’s Salesforce Community users are using Geopointe for routing, primarily using our mobile-optimized version on their iPads. Although traveling and routing is paused, they continue to plan future trips and use Geopointe to further their expertise of their geographic area and the services desired. 

Another capital management company uses Geopointe’s Assignment Areas to assign users to their individual territories and route leads automatically. This not only frees up their Sales Operations team, but also elevates the customer experience since there’s less lag time trying to figure out who the lead goes to and then assigning the lead manually.  

Go-to-Market Strategy

Using Geopointe as part of your marketing strategy is a game-changer for finding venues, geographically targeting prospects and customers, and analyzing your campaign efforts all within Salesforce. 

The value Geopointe brings to your marketing efforts can’t be ignored. In this industry specifically, in-person events such as “lunch & learns” are a significant part of business efforts. In fact, we are seeing teams still being trained on using Geopointe for this use case in the near future, even though that date is unknown.

An investment management company uses Geopointe to create targeted campaigns based on location, specifically by states, and in some cases, counties. Based on where people are located geographically, they can presume what kind of investments and loans their prospects might be seeking and better target their marketing efforts through personalization.  

The Bottom Line

As the Financial Services industry awaits returning back to the field, using Geopointe to refine your current processes and update your Salesforce data is a sure way to set you up for success. Visualizing your Salesforce data on a map adds a competitive edge and allows you to deliver the best customer experience through geographic personalization. 

This industry is unique in that technology is ingrained in your processes; meaning utilizing a solution such as Geopointe furthers your reach and allows you to understand your territory, your customer, and the overall market. Request a demo today to learn more.

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