Cool New Features for the Summer Release of Geopointe

The June 2016 release of Geopointe is scheduled to be generally available on AppExchange this coming Thursday, June 30th. This latest release of Geopointe includes 27 new features to take advantage of, 7 of which will specifically enhance your Geopointe experience inside Salesforce1.

Join us for the on Thursday, June 30th at 1 p.m. Eastern for a live demonstration of these new features and how you can leverage them for your business. If you’re not a Geopointe user just yet, you’ll want to start your own free trial by the end of this presentation.

A full list of new features and release details can be found on the Release Notes Page, but here are a few of our favorite highlights:

One-Click Search

Maximize your productivity and simplify your search with less clicks.

Feature - OneClick Search


Shape Labels

You can now add labels to your Shape layers.

Feature - Shape_Labels


Custom Marker Icons

Upload your own image files to act as map marker icons.

Feature - Custom_Icons


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