March Release Webinar – Catch The Replay

This morning, the fabulous Jason Venable demonstrated the new release of Geopointe, including some amazing new features, like our new Routing UI, Route sharing,  Change Ownership Action, and, last but not least, Geopointe for Salesforce1. Also, included at 23:21, in the Salesforce1 demo portion of the webinar, Jason shows off his new mobile app demo tool. He’s planning to release this to the community soon so others can use it to demo their mobile apps as well, so check it out, and stay tuned.

Geopointe March 2014 Release Webinar

Click here to watch the replay

Find information on setting up and using Geopointe for Salesforce1 in your org here.

Or, if you haven’t tried Geopointe yet, click here, and start a trial today.

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